6 outfits ideas that suit every body shape

We've got the ultimate outfit ideas to flatter your figure

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Not sure if that skirt suits your wide hips? Or if that neckline makes the most of your fuller bust? We all come in different shapes and sizes, which is why it is key to shop for clothes which will make the most of your curves or lack of.

Wearing figure-flattering outfits will leave you feeling and looking more confident on any occasion.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding guest look or trying to figure out what to wear for brunch with the girls, the key is to balance out your proportions whilst emphasising the parts of your body that you love. For example, someone with wider shoulders should look to wear wide styles designed to make their hips look bigger, while someone with wide hips should look to draw attention upwards with the help of a structured top.

Still not sure what will work for you? From basic outfits to something a little more formal, we’ve got the ultimate outfit ideas to suit your every body shape.

1) A-line skirt and fitted top

Take a tip from Holly Willoughby’s wardrobe and invest in an A-line skirt.

This universally flattering style is perfect for skimming over wide hips or bloated bellies and usually work best when teamed with a slightly fitted top as this will really show off your waist.

They’re also a great option for someone with broad shoulders, as this fit & flare style can be used to create volume at your hips – perfect for balancing out wide shoulders.

A high-waisted skirt teamed with a slightly cropped top is also great for creating the illusion of a waistline for those who have a straighter figure.

If you need to wear a coat or jacket over you’re A-line style, opt for either a cropped style or a longline style – this way you won’t ruin the proportions created by your outfit.

And if you don’t fancy wearing a skirt & top combo, try looking for an A-line dress, which will create a similar silhouette without all the faff. If it works for Holly, then this outfit idea will definitely work for us.

2) Jeans, a T-shirt and blazer

This combo is a classic for a reason – it works for every body type and almost every occasion.

The reason this outfit idea is so versatile is that it consists of three key elements: jeans, a T-shirt and a blazer. Each of these items can be changed to work for your body, creating the ultimate, flattering outfit each time.

If you want to balance out a fuller bust or broad shoulders, try teaming flared jeans with a loose-fit blazer which skims over your upper body.

Or if you want to create more volume around your shoulders and bust, then try switching to a structured blazer with shoulder pads and wear with a bootcut style to draw attention upwards.

When it comes to your T-shirt, shop for a neckline that works best with your bust. Fuller-busted ladies should opt for a v-neck or square neckline, while those with less curves should swap to a turtle neck style for a more flattering fit. And when in doubt, a crew neckline will work for all busts.

3) Pencil skirt and shirt

Flattering outfits for your body shape don’t always hide your bigger points – some of them emphasise them instead!

Worn by the likes of Frankie Bridge, pencil skirts are an absolute wardrobe staple and are perfect for showing off your bum.

Wearing a figure-hugging skirt may seem scary, but they’re one of the most figure-flattering items out on the high street. The trick is to invest in a style made from a thick, stretchy fabric which will really support your curves.

For the most flattering fit, try teaming yours with a floaty, loose fit shirt or chunky knit like a cardigan. This will balance your proportions and make your outfit feel a little more appropriate for daytime occasions.

Alternatively, opt for a high-waisted skirt and team with a fitted, cropped top to really emphasise your waistline and killer curves.

4) Slouchy co-ord

Loved by the likes of Alison Hammond, a slouchy trouser and shirt co-ord is brilliant for flattering for all body shapes and sizes.

These loose-fit styles will skim over your curves, creating a sleek silhouette and work best when worn together as this will elongate your body - great if you’re petite and want to look taller.

Try to resist the urge to tuck your top into your trousers, as this will break the sleek lines created by your co-ord and can make you look frumpy. If you tend to carry your weight around your stomach, then let the shirt flow over your curves and team with a shift top underneath for an extra layer.

5) Knot-detail dress and heels

Knot details are great at creating the illusion of a nipped-in waist, making this dress a seriously flattering item for your wardrobe - and they’re approved by the likes of Susana Reid too.

This figure-flattering style can be found in various shapes and lengths, so you can really have fun and find the best fit for you. A-line, midi styles tend to work best for anyone trying to create volume around narrow hips, while shorter, more fitted styles are brilliant for anyone who wants to emphasise their existing curves or draw the eyeline up.

The key is all in the important knot detailing. No matter what your body shape or size, make sure that knot detailing sits right on the slimmest part of your waistline, as a knot placed too high or too low will throw off your proportions.

Team with your favourite pair of heels, which will make you stand tall and will flatter your legs and bum more than a pair of flats.

6) Tailored co-ord

From the red carpet to the office, tailored suits are seriously on trend right now – but they’re also great for creating curves where you don’t have them.

If you’re looking to create curves all over, then opt for a blazer with structured shoulders and a fitted waist and team with either a wide leg or tailored trouser. This winning combination will create volume at both your shoulders and hips for the illusion of an hourglass figure.

The size of your blazer’s lapel is also super important when shopping for your tailored co-ords. Always remember: the bigger the lapel, the bigger your bust will look. So ladies with a fuller bust should shop for blazers with a smaller lapel and team with a wide leg trouser to balance out your proportions.

Ultimately, you should always consider the ways in which you can balance your body proportions when trying to find the perfect outfit.

Dressing for your shape doesn’t mean you need to try to look slimmer – simply means you’re making the most of your figure so you can feel more confident in your outfit.

Once you’ve found the tricks to give your ideal silhouette, you can become more adventurous and switch up your style for any occasion knowing that you will look and feel amazing.

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