11 Dreamy Boys! The Most Handsome Soccer Players Of 2018 World Cup

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Soccer is the most popular sport on earth and although some aficionados love the sport, others are obsessed with it because of the eye candy! That's why you with the 11 most beautiful players we will see in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Editor's note: Although we LOVE him, Cristiano Ronaldo is not on our list because, let's be honest, there are more handsome athletes on the fields.

#1 Alisson Becker

The Brazilian goalkeeper plays for A.S. Roma and is only 25 years old, but what his fans love about him are not his sets and saves, but his big eyes.

#2 Antoine Griezmann

He is the reason we made this list in the first place. Griezmann was all the rage at Euro 2016, where he got the golden boot for being the best scorer of the match. He's currently playing for Atlético de Madrid and is 26 years old.

#3 Memo Ochoa

The goalkeeper of the Mexican national team is 32 years old. Currently plays for Standard Liège, in Belgium. His fans are always gushing about his chinese features. You be the judge.

#4 Marc-André Ter Stegen

During the Confederations Cup, this goalkeeper of only 25 years showed what he is capable of with the German B team. He is currently the goalkeeper of Barcelona and, yes, speaks perfect Spanish.

#5 André Schürle

The German midfielder has shown himself to have the skills to compete in one of the best selections in the world. This 26-year-old boy offers his services for Borussia Dortmund.

#6 Denis Suárez

Because Spain could not be left out we brought you to the Barcelona midfielder who has stolen the hearts of many Iberian women thanks to his way of playing and his physical beauty. Did I mention that at merely 23 years old he's one of the youngest athletes?

#7 Youri Tielemans

Barely 20 years old, Youri Tieleman, the Belgian Monaco midfielder, has won the hearts of many for his simplicity and charisma.

#8 James Rodríguez

The 2014 World Cup was a huge break for the 26-year-old Colombian, as Real Madrid took interest in the striker. He currently plays for Bayern Munich in Germany.

#9 Edinson Cavani

The boy has a great sense of humor and never forgets his fans. With his 30 years of age, this striker is melting hearts all over the world from the court of Paris Saint-Germain.

#10 Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick is proof that England is home to beautiful men! The captain of Manchester United is 36 years old and is one of the best-known English footballers in the world, so we must not lose sight of him in Russia 2018.

#11 Ragnar Sigurðsson

Iceland is the home of this defender of the Rubin Kasan. The team of this country won the world during Euro 2016 thanks to the way their public supported them from start to finish, but this handsome player broke the hearts of thousands of people during the fair thanks to his beautiful face and big heart.

Did your #mcm make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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Translated from original article by Esteban Luján published on VIX Spanish.

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