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Whether you're about to celebrate your birthday, or have months to wait until your special day, this week's horoscope makes fascinating reading.

If you thought your horoscope could only tell you about your personality - or who you ought to date - you were wrong.

Because your zodiac can also tell you a lot of other interesting little titbits as well. Think your ideal alcoholic beverage and dream engagement ring, for starters.

Your star sign can also help you to plan for the week ahead - if you know how to read it, that is. Thank goodness, then, for Closer astrologer Yasmin Boland, who has examined the stars of the zodiac to bring you your VERY detailed weekly horoscope.

If it's your birthday this week...

As long as you don’t deviate from your regular method of operation, life is going to move very swiftly! The more chances you take on yourself, the more chance life will take on you! Say yes to opportunities and figure out the details later!


Closer horoscopes

aquarius horoscope1 of 12
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You don’t stop learning because you grow older. You grow older because you stop learning. This week offers so many opportunities to learn something valuable and important. Be guided by curiosity. A willingness to change your mind can change everything.

pisces horoscope2 of 12
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Eventually, all the effort and hard work pays off. It has to and it always does. You may begin to see a turnaround in your fortune. Your message is to not suddenly go back to old habits or think the job is now done. Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

aries horoscope3 of 12
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Don’t leave any stone unturned. What you get out of something depends on how much you put in. Hard work is unavoidable. You can do this, if you put your mind to it. Life is offering you a buffet of options. Decide on what’s important.

taurus horoscope4 of 12
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Getting ideas and opinions from anyone and everyone can give you information. At the end of the day, only you can make the choices and decisions now. You need to trust yourself. Also, pay attention to your dreams. Keep a dream journal. The answers you’re seeking are already within you.

gemini horoscope5 of 12
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Your career and life direction plans could be a sore point this week. As long as you’re congruent with what you say you want and what your actions are, everything should be fine. Also, miscommunication with a friend or colleague is likely. Be prepared to face some obstacles or push back.

cancer horoscope6 of 12
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A big bold eclipse lights up your career and life direction zone. Be prepared that this area of life is going to change pace. The chance to realise long-held ambitions and desires arrives and you’ll need to recalibrate your home life. You can have it all, if you want it.

leo horoscope7 of 12
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Eclipses have a way of showing you something about yourself in a different light. When it comes to spirituality and religion or travel and adventure, you’re ready to embrace new perspectives on the world and on life. The world wants to be your oyster if you’re willing to crack it open.

virgo horoscopes8 of 12
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When you work through your problems, you’re unstoppable! Yes, there are some issues that need facing in a key relationship now. Once you do, the abundance of all kinds that will flow will be amazing. Your situation doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.

libra horoscope9 of 12
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Just when you’re about to give up, the Universe gives you a sign! A brilliant new moon eclipse in your relationship zone will renew your faith in love. The hardship, the toil and the self-development you’ve gone through have been worthwhile. The best in love is yet to come.

scorpio horoscope10 of 12
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Be cautious this week about putting a romantic situation into the “too hard” or “too boring” basket. Boring can actually be safe and enduring. How do you feel in someone’s company? True and everlasting love is built over time. Avoid letting lust be the measure of connection.

sagittarius horoscope11 of 12
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A creative project or a romantic situation could go to a whole new level this week. All you have to do in order to embrace it is just to have fun! Remember what life was like when you were a free spirit? Look for the joy and that’s what you’ll find.

capricorn horoscope12 of 12
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You just have to let the cookies crumble where they may. Holding on to grudges or old attitudes will only hold you back from much happiness. A brilliant eclipse in your home zone ignites new possibilities in your family life. Avoid letting past disappointments determine future happiness.

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