How to treat damaged hair

Put the moisture back into your mane with these hot hair tips to ensure your strands get back to their shiny best


by Rebecca Twomey |
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From bleach to blowdries we aren’t half cruel to our crowns, but if you’ve been a slave to styling (who isn’t addicted to their straighteners and tongs?) and also love to play with colour then don’t fret, hope for your hair is not lost.

Sarah McKenna at top London salon Vixen & Blushtalks you through how to inject health, shine and moisture back into your hair with these easy tips.

1. Condition, condition and condition

If you can afford a salon treatment then ask for an intensive conditioning treatment when you next go to get your roots done. Sarah’s favourite is Kerastase Aqua Oleum (28.50) and when you colour your hair ask for an Olaplex treatment that conditions hair from within. More affordable options are to use an intensive conditioner at home once a week.

2. Get your beauty sleep

For salon-worthy shine you don’t have to splurge, hair masks and even coconut oil can restore some life to your hair. When you’re having a hot bath smother the ends in coconut oil or a hair mask and leave for 15 minutes before washing out. The heat will open up the cuticles and allow your hair to absorb all the oil. If you’ve time sleep in the oil and wash out in the morning.

3. Cool down

Heat is one of the quickest ways to dehydrate your barnet, from tongs and wands to hairdryers and curlers - if you can, try to lay off the heat a little. Let you hair dry naturally every other time you wash it and then if you need to use straighteners or other tools then you’ll only using one set of heat and always use a heat protector spray.

4. Fake it until (your hair) makes it

Using smoothing cream and serum in the ends of your hair is an instant fix to split and dry ends, and if you don’t want to go for the chop, try if you can to avoid bleach and go to the salon to have your hair coloured. Try not to wash your hair ever day if you can get away with it. You can always disguise any damage with clip in hair extensions, these will also help protect your natural hair as heat will be appied to the extensions instead when your style them.

If you really want to splash out extensions can transform your look giving you healthy glossy locks try Vixen and Blush they offer both hair extensions and expert colouring services.


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