EXCLUSIVE: RHOCheshire’s Paige Chohan reveals where things stand with Rachel Lugo and Hanna Kinsella

The new Housewife has exclusively revealed all to Closer online

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One of the fieriest Real Housewives of Cheshire feuds in recent years is undoubtedly that between new Housewife Paige Chohan and series veteran Rachel Lugo/former Housewife Hanna Kinsella.

It began the moment guest Housewife Paige first stepped in front of the RHOCheshire cameras at the start of series 16 and being the drama queens we are, we've been obsessed from the get go.

Paige ITV/Monkey Kingdom

When Paige was first introduced on-screen to the group by her mate, Seema Malhotra (which eventually put a strain on Seema and Hanna's relationship), Paige went up to Rachel and Hanna and reminded them they'd met before and claimed that they were both "frosty" (to their faces, FYI) to her way back when.

Naturally, this rubbed Rachel and Hanna up the wrong way, as they both maintain they were anything but.

Tensions then reached their peak at the series 16 reunion when a furious Paige, addressing Rachel, told the OG, "Go f-cking get f-cking grandmas on f-cking Instagram, you f-cking grandma." Even we're left speechless by that one.

Rachel, however, wasn't. The Cheshire queen then stood up, took aim at Paige with a finger (not the middle one, we should stress) and called the new cast member a "patronising little b-tch". Phwoar.

Fast-forward to the here and now on-screen (we're just over midway through series 17) and Paige has been promoted to an official full-time cast member, Hanna has left the series and Rachel and a pregnant Paige are keeping it seemingly friendly and civil. Paige is busy preparing for motherhood and Rachel, well, she's busy butting heads with Lystra Adams now.

It's been one hell of a bumpy ride to keep up with (even for us), and as such, we couldn't help but ask Paige where she stood with both Rachel and Hannah in a recent exclusive sit-down with Closer online, and as it turns out, time does, in fact, heal all wounds.

Paige pregnant with baby Nora
Paige pregnant with baby Nora Paige Chohan

Speaking of her feud with Rachel, the iconic Housewife told Closer online, "We're really good friends now. We get on."

Speaking of Hanna, Paige said, "Hanna is well. She's not as part of this season as much. I have seen her since and, yeah, I think it's smoothed over. I think on the show everything just happened so fast, you kind of make up quite fast, so I'm about it. We're all really good now which is a breath of fresh air."

Paige went on to tease upcoming "crazy" RHOCheshire scenes in series 17, explaining why she refused to hold back when it came to filming EVERYTHING for both the fans and herself.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is available to stream now on ITVX.

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