Seema Malhotra: the Real Housewives of Cheshire star’s age, job and husband

The Forever Unique founder is teaming up with a huge reality star for an exciting new TV project

Seema Malhotra family and RHOCheshire

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Seema Malhotra has been on ITVBe's The Real Housewives of Cheshire for so long now she's practically part of the boujie furniture on set – and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's like TOWIE without Amy Childs. Just no.

But on top of her annual RHOCheshire filming duties, Seema is doing some serious juggling; she is a wife, mother, businesswoman and now, she's embarking on a second TV project – an interior design programme she's filming alongside her new wingwoman Abbey Clancy.

Maybe you can have it all; you just have to be Seema Malhotra.

Who is Seema Malhotra?

Seema Malhotra is a reality star, businesswoman, wife and mother. She joined The Real Housewives of Cheshire in 2016, after popping up here and there as a guest in series one.

How old is Seema Malhotra from The Real Housewives of Cheshire?

Seema was born on 25 August 1971, making her 52 years young.

Speaking of aging gracefully, she said, "Women going through hot flushes know to avoid wearing anything with a high neckline, so I’m more aware of what fabrics I dress in. I choose more breathable materials such as cotton and silk. I don’t think that once you reach menopause or a certain age, you should be dressing like a fuddy-duddy. We’re allowed to feel good.

"You can adapt your style as you grow older, but still make it reflect your personality."

What is Seema Malhotra's job?

Chances are you’ve heard of the company Seema owns and runs; she’s the founder of clothing brand Forever Unique, which is firm fave among celebs. She also co-owns KP Aesthetics Clinic AND Manchester’s Menagerie restaurant.

And, of course, she’s a reality telly fave, having starred on the Real Housewives of Cheshire since 2016. She's also embarking on a second TV project – an interior design programme she's filming alongside her new wingwoman Abbey Clancy.

Talk about having fingers in a lot of pies...

Who is Seema Malhotra's husband?

Seema is still married to her first husband Sandeep Malhotra, who she’s been with for thirty years. Sandeep is a business owner and entrepreneur, and launched Forever Unique with Seema in 2008.

Does Seema Malhotra have kids?

Yep – Seema is mum to two grown up sons, Niel and Aaron.

Is Seema Malhotra still on The Real Housewives of Cheshire?

She sure is. In fact, Seema is one of the longest serving Housewives, joining the cast in 2016 alongside Stacey Forsey, after guest starring in series one. The only other current Housewife who has been on the show longer is Lauren Simon.

Are Seema Malhotra and Hanna Kinsella still friends?

Honestly? Your guess is as good as ours. Despite Seema and Hanna Kinsella calling each other "besties" and "sisters" in the past, the last time we checked in on these two, things were not looking good. At the start of series 16 Seema introduced new guest Housewife Paige Chohan to the group and, yeah, let's just say Paige and Hanna didn't exactly see eye to eye.

Seema Malhotra opens up about PCOS

Seema has been open about having a hysterectomy at age 45 after suffering with ovarian cysts, choosing to keep her ovaries to prevent an early menopause.

But in 2020 she opened up exclusively to Closer about the “excruciating” pain she was in and revealed she was considering having her ovaries removed over fears of developing cancer.

"I did have a five centimetre cyst in my left ovary and in the cysts world that's not anything to be overly concerned about, but about four or five weeks ago I ended up in A&E - it actually ruptured," she said back in October.

"There were times when I was crying," she said. "I was like, 'No move the cameras, I don't want to talk about it.' Emotionally I went to that dark place thinking, 'Oh my God, is it ovarian cancer - what is it?'

"Something that I will consider is getting the ovaries removed, which probably means, yeah, I'm gonna get thrown into an early menopause but I'd rather have that than this continuous pain because it's horrific."

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