RHOCheshire: Paige Chohan reveals why daughter’s birth WILL be shown on TV

The new Housewife gave birth to her first child last month

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If you've been watching the latest series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire then you'll know that 'Hurricane' Paige Chohan – a nickname given to her by fans of the ITVBe series following monumental fallouts with the likes of Rachel Lugo and former Housewife Hanna Kinsella – is less ready to pop off this season and more ready to, well, pop.

Filming for series 17 began earlier this year when Paige was heavily pregnant with her first child.

Paige Chohan
Paige Chohan Monkey Kingdom for ITV

While we're seeing these scenes play out on our screens right now, in reality, Paige has already given birth and showcased her bundle of joy, baby Nora, to the world.

And of course, she's an absolute cutie.

Paige and husband Amir welcomed their first child on 30 March 2024 and debuted her to the world via a black and white teaser shot on Instagram, followed by a magazine shoot and interview, where she went into detail about how, in addition to filming her last trimester on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, some of the birth was also filmed.

The new Housewife told OK! magazine, "It was such a special thing for us to include that moment [referring to filming the birth] in our lives. Iremember telling my mum and dad though and they said, 'Do people actually do that?' I laughed and said,'Yes, it’s something for us to look back on.' I knowwe’ll look back on it for years to come."

We're assuming this means that some of the moments leading up to the birth have been caught on camera, as Monkey Kingdom (the production company who make RHOCheshire) are still filming for series 17.

real housewives of cheshire cast
The cast of series 17 Monkey Kingdom/ITV

Paige also went into great detail about the difficult birthing process in the interview telling the publication, "I said from the beginning that I wanted a vaginalbirth, and that’s what happened. I started havingcontractions around two days before Nora was born,but the position that she was in also meant she waspushing on my back, causing nerve pain. That was awful – I almost felt paralysed at one point. The pain was intense, so we rushed to the hospital. The doctors wanted to examine the nerve issue first but there was no time, I could feel Nora coming."

She continued, "I had no time for any extra pain relief, soit was just gas and air. I was offered an epidural, which I considered - but I ended up not having one. The minute she was born it was as if my body forgotabout the horrendous pain I was in. It was all worth it."

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