15 thoughts we had while watching the first episode of Love Island 2023

Dare we say... it was actually good?

Maya Jama entering the villa wearing a blue dress

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The start of a new series of Love Island is an exciting time here at Closer HQ, but historically, there's always one element to a LI season premiere that – well, to put it frankly – fails time after time, and that's the first episode itself. Real talk –for the last few years, the first episode has been used as an aesthetically pleasing register, and as such, the hour tends to drag – but not this year.

Dare we say, last night's debut episode was even good? Well, no, we won't say that, we've got an image to protect here, but we will say we were surprisingly entertained.

As such, here are 15 (good/bad/nonsensical) thoughts we had while watching the surprisingly captivating opening episode of Love Island series ten.

love island ruchee jess celebrating
Ruchee and Jess (C) ITV Plc Ruchee and Jess (C) ITV Plc

This format shake-up is exactly what this first episode needed.

Mixing up the girls and the boys from the get-go AND a coupling-up courtesy of the public? Yes, ITV.

But, that bizarre careers/pastimes montage? No.

Immediate 'ick' - it almost killed us off before the games had even begun. It was all very Strictly, wasn't it? And in this instance, that is not a good thing.

We don't come to Love Island for the acting – except for Molly Marsh's, maybe.

Oh, but Maya Jama's Mi Chico Latino yacht tribute was a aesthetically-pleasing win.

Maya Jama (C) ITV Plc (C) ITV Plc

Did Maya Jama ever NOT walk in slow-mo?

If she did, we don't want to remember such a dark time.

NO ONE could do Iain Sterling's job.

Those Maya Jama puns were the stuff of genius.

Are Mitchel and Molly this generation's Ryan and Sharpay?

Y'know, the meddling High School Musical duo? It was the matching swimwear conversation that cinched it for us. Also, when Molly started nibbling on Mitchel Taylor's ear during the game of beer pong it was giving less sexy vibes and more sharing hot gossip from around the school cafeteria with your bestie vibes.

Molly nibbling on Mitchel's ear
Mitchel and Molly (C) ITV Plc (C) ITV Plc

Jess is giving us blonde Sophie Kasaei

As such, we're already slightly biased. We can't wait to see what Jess Harding is going to bring to the new series. We predict this one going far.

Jess (C) ITV Plc (C) ITV Plc

We have a sudden urge to go at our boiler with a mallet.

Mitchel will have to come running, right?

Most of these Islanders were born after the year 2000.

We know. Take all the time you need.

We kind of want Mehdi and Catherine to get together.

Just hear us out; imagine the sexy accents of Mehdi Edno and Catherine Agbaje fusing together in a romantic date setting. French AND Irish? Stop it. That's hotter than the fire pit.

Catherine entering the Love Island villa
Catherine (C) ITV Plc (C) ITV Plc

Ruchee should NEVER play poker

Ruchee Gurung very clearly did not want to couple up with Mehdi. Bless him. For what it's worth, we'd say 'oui', Mehdi. We'd also say "voulez-vous... ?"

ruchee and mehdi
Ruchee and Mehdi (C) ITV Plc (C) ITV Plc

George talking about 'moving loose' is going to haunt us for the rest of the summer

Although we giggled when George Fensom said, "Imagine if this was your Dean Gaffney?" when talking about the villa, we have feeling these dad jokes are going to wear thin. Fast.

We'd like to couple up with Tyrique, please.

The honesty, the vulnerability, the meaningful tattoo... Tyrique Hyde is obviously a fitlord, too. Oh, and he knows half the TOWIE lot – that's the biggest green flag for us here at Closer. Swoon.

Tyrique Love Island
Tyrique Hyde C) ITV Plc C) ITV Plc

Jess and Ruchee both stepping forward was telly gold.

After being dared to take a risk by Maya. Chef's kiss, that.

Molly is going to be our reaction face queen this season.

No question.

Molly and Mitchel looking shocked
Molly and Mitchel (C) ITV Plc (C) ITV Plc

A hoop-shooting south London Jack Fowler-lookalike bombshell? Oh, go on then.

Our first bombshell is Zachariah Noble and he's set to go off in 24 hours. Literally – he's been given the power to couple up with any girl he wants after a day in the villa.

Bombshell Zachariah and Maya Jama
Bombshell Zachariah and Maya Jama (C) ITV Plc

LoveIslandairs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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