Love Island’s ‘Messy’ Mitch Taylor: his age, job before the villa and ex-girlfriend drama

Mitch was 'moving mad' in the Love Island 2023 villa

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If you watched the last season of Love Island you’ll remember that a certain Islander was cracking on with pretty much every girl in sight.

Mitch Taylor, who began his Love Island 2023 journey as an OG, sure kept us entertained.

At first he was iconic - remember when he saved Molly Marsh from getting dumped for Zach Noble but then backtracked and asked her to secretly get to know him?

love island molly marsh and mitch taylor
molly and mitch together during happier times ITV

He gave us major LOLs until the whole Abi Moores x Ella Barnes x Mitch love triangle unfolded (more on that in a sec). He then gave that awful speech during The Grafties and we're still cringing at the awkwardness...

Well, fast forward several months (literally six) and he's heading back into the villa for the All Stars series.

So we thought we'd give you a little rundown on the Islander...

Who is Mitch Taylor?

Mitchel Taylor
Mitchel is one of the first Love Island 2023 boys to be announced and he's FIT ITV Pictures

Mitch is famed for appearing on Love Island 2023. Before heading into the villa he was a gas man/boiler man/plumber.

Who did Mitch Taylor couple up with in the villa?

If Mitch wasn't stirring the pot with his fellow Islander pals, then he was recoupling for the hundredth time.

During his time in the villa, he coupled up with Molly Marsh, Leah Taylor, Jess Harding, Charlotte Sumner, Abi and Ella.

What happened with Mitch Taylor and Abi Moores?

Mitch was unlucky in love during the first few weeks but his luck changed during Casa Amor when he coupled up with Abi.

love island abi and mitch together
abi and mitch looking loved up ITV

All seemed well until Scott van-der-Sluis tried to get to know Abi and then Mitch's head was in a spin... Before you knew it though Ella B arrived and they recoupled.

And despite Mitch and Abi splitting, in typical 'Messy Mitch' behaviour he kept throwing digs at Abi and claimed that Scott 'wasn't interested' in her.

However in a Love Island plot twist, two months after the villa Mitch reunited with Abi... well, kind of.

What happened with Mitch Taylor and Ella Barnes?

love island ella barnes and mitch taylor
ella and mitch during a dumping ITV

Mitch and Ella recoupled towards the end of series 10 and they stayed together for two months after the show.

Unfortunately it wasn't to last and Ella jetted off to Marbella with Jess Harding following the break up.

What was Mitch Taylor like on series 10?

During an exclusive chat with Charlotte Sumners, she spilled the tea on Mitch and told heat, "I do feel like Mitch was obviously very full but then when you’re in there he is still full on but he’s just full on with a few different people."

Charlotte Sumner in the Love Island villa
Dumped Islander Charlotte has been spilling the tea about her co-stars ITV Pictures

She revealed that Mitch got flirty with her, but that many scenes were not aired.

"My bit didn’t get aired of him having like flirty conversations with me and him. But I think everyone knows that he’s like that, he’s a very flirty guy and I don’t think he really knows what he wants."

What has Mitch Taylor done since Love Island 2023?

Since leaving the Love Island villa, Mitch has been spotted out and about being an influencer with BFF Zach.

In September he was dropped from his management company amid a 'homophobia row'. Following the scandal, Mitch denied using homophobic language and claimed he didn't throw money at a homeless person.

Who does Mitch Taylor look like?

Before going into the villa the first time round, we couldn't help but notice that Mitch is the SPIT of Love Island 2022's Andrew Le Page.

The second Mitch popped up on our radar, we immediately thought of Mr Tasha Ghouri, because the resemblance is uncanny. It's almost as if Love Island producers cast Islanders that look the same year after year... after year.

Anyway, you be the judge. Here's a reminder of the adorably hunky Andrew Le Page from Love Island series eight...

Andrew Le Page looking GORG


Now, here's a gorgeous photo of Mitchel taken from his Instagram.

Not convinced? Here's the same photo again, but he's smiling – and you're, no doubt, melting.

How old is Mitchel Taylor?

Mitchel is 27 years old. His birthday is 10 June 1996.

Does Mitchel have Instagram?

He sure does. His Instagram is - @mitcheltaylor_.

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