Love Island’s Claudia Fogarty exposes ‘not nice’ scenes in the villa

She appeared on the winter edition of Love Island 2023

by Ben Pulsford |

Some things are a right of passage for Islanders post-Love Island; as a collective they'll be invited to every party going for at least three months after (especially if they made it to the final), they'll start collabing with every bonkers brand on the internet, they'll spend more time talking on podcasts than they do IRL and they'll probably launch a YouTube channel (if they don't already have one), just because.

In this respect, Samie Elishi is your stereotypical islander - which to us seems like such an offensive statement considering we've essentially given this woman goddess status at Closer online HQ.

As per the cliche, Tom Clare's stylish and inhumanly stunning ex recently launched her own YouTube channel and this week, she invited her winter Love Island 2023 gal pals Tanya Manhenga and Claudia Fogarty to join her on cam to answer a few fan dilemmas. And it got deep – like, Love Island deep.

Claudia Fogarty on Love Island
Claudia (ITV) ITV Pictures

One of the dilemmas sent in was, "The guy I've been seeing was in bed with another girl. What do I do?" – naturally this sparked quite a reaction from all three telly queens. But Claudia's response was PERSONAL, leading to her exposing one or two "not nice" scenes from her time in the South African villa involving fellow bombshells – you guessed it – Casey O'Gorman and Rosie Seabrook.

Holding a glass of rosé like an absolute icon, Claudia exclaimed, "Hello, wake up and get the hell out of the bed. I know it's hard, but, no. Nobody deserves that. F*ck him off."

She continued, "This is what i've learned from Love Island; you are worth it to someone. If they want someone else, let them have it. Someone else out there is for you; it's not him in the bed with another girl."

At this point we could hear the former LI couple's names on the tip of our Claudia's tongue...

Casey and Rosie in the Love Island villa
Casey and Rosie split shortly after being dumped from the Love Island villa (ITV) ITV Pictures

Speaking of Casey and Rosie – whose speedy coupling left Claudia heartbroken and single in the villa – Claudia said, "I had to sit across from it. I had to watch it from across the room. It was a week.

"Been there and it's not nice. But it made me stronger; what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Queen Claudia's iconic Love Island entrance (ITV)

Go on, girl. And, let's be real, it's not like Racey/Cosie lasted long IRL, did they? Which is a shame, because those couple names are CUTE.

Blackburn-based Claudia entered the winter Love Island villa on day 23 – who could forget that iconic heart rate challenge entrance? The nepo baby bombshell left the villa alongside Keanan Brand on day 45 after being brutally dumped by Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda in a shock twist.

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