Love Island’s Claudia Fogarty reveals real age and, sorry, what?

She was a bombshell on Love Island 2023

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So, Love Island star Claudia Fogarty has spoken about her actual age and we have a lot of questions.

It pretty much well known that most of the Love Island stars are a bunch of influencers, in their early twenties, trying to find love and fame.

However Love Island 2023 star Claudia is pretty much the opposite of the standard Islanders - she already had her own clothing brand, she has a famous dad (Carl Fogarty aka famous motorcycle racer aka an I'm A Celeb star) and she's not in her early twenties.

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Appearing on BFF Samie Elishi's YouTube vlog, the duo showed off their new hairstyles including Claudia's shorter hairstyle.

Speaking about her besties hair cut, Samie said, "I think short is the way forward [for Claudia]. Short to medium hair."

Claudia then joked, "Yeah it's time I act my age. I'm 28, I'm not 18 anymore."

Claudia then joked, "According to Instagram I'm 40. Apparently I look like I'm 40... All the haters can do one."

You tell 'em Claudia.

The bombshell wasn't the only 28 year old in the villa, Jordan Odofin was the same age as Claudia and Liv Hawkins was 27 on the show.

Who is Claudia Fogarty?

She is the daughter of motorcycle racer Carl Fogarty and a Love Island 2023 bombshell.

How old is Claudia Fogarty?

Claudia is 28 years old.

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What does Claudia Fogarty do?

She is a fashion boutique owner and an absolute style icon (our declaration by the way so it is therefore the truth.)

Who did Claudia Fogarty fancy before the villa?

Just like every other female Islander who entered the villa, Claudia had her sights set on Macclesfield footballer Tom Clare.

"Tom, I think he’s a really down-to-earth guy and he’s family orientated like me," she admitted.

Turns out they're just BFFs and instead, Claudia coupled up with Casey O'Gorman.

claudia was a bombshell

What happened with Claudia Fogarty and Casey O'Gorman?

After entering the villa, Casey managed to win Claudia over and they seemed like the dream couple - until Casa Amor.

Casey was straddled by Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo and then Rosie Seabrook arrived and coupled up with Casey.

However after leaving the villa, Casey and Claudia are now pals.

Where is Claudia Fogarty from?

Blackburn born Claudia was hoping her northern roots would help when she entered the villa. When asked what she would be bringing it played a key part, "Definitely my northern charm with some humour, bubbliness and sass. My northern banter is going to be coming in with me."

Who is Claudia Fogarty's dad?

Only the famous motorcycle racer and more importantly (in our books anyway) the winner of I'm A Celeb circa 2014, Carl Fogarty.

Claudia confessed her dad has never watched Love Island but gave her a few do's and do nots.

"Absolutely no sex on TV he said, he hasn’t really watched it before so it’s going to be a bit of a shock. I just said get a blind fold on, shut your eyes, if you don’t like it, turn it off," she said before gonig on the show.

Does Claudia Fogarty have Instagram?

Of course @claudiafogarty

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