Love Island’s Anton Danyluk: his age, exes, and his transformation

He infamously unfollowed Molly-Mae days after the final

Anton Danyluk

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There's been hundreds of Love Island contestants over the years but some Islanders manage to stick in our minds.

One of the Love Island 2019 standout stars has to be Anton Danyluk and that may be because he cried when Craig David performed in the villa.

And in the words of Love Island 2023 star Whitney Adebayo, "It's giving iconic."

Thankfully, Anton can't get enough of Love Island and is back in the villa for Love Island All Stars. His latest stint in the villa might be even more iconic than his first - for example, telling Messy Mitch Taylor, to "be a man, not a boy."

So, here's everything you need to know about our current number 1 Scotsman.

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Who is Anton Danyluk?

Anton rose to fame on the fifth series of Love Island where he ended up in a couple with Belle Hassan.

When was Anton Danyluk on Love Island?

Anton appeared on Love Island 2019. He entered the villa on day one and lasted all the way to day 56. During his time in Mallorca, Anton coupled up with a few different ladies including Elma Pazar and winner Amber Gill, but he ended the show coupled up with Belle.

What did Anton Danyluk do before Love Island?

Before appearing on the show, he was a gym owner and also spent some time as a butler in the buff, which is honestly iconic. We even came across a few pics of Anton from his butler days and we're obsessed.

How old is Anton Danyluk?

Anton is currenly 29 years old. He was born on 6 September 1994.

Are Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan still together?

Alas, no. Anton and Belle didn't last all that long once they left the villa and they no longer follow each other on Instagram.

What happened between Anton Danyluk and Molly-Mae Hague?

During his time on Love Island, Anton spoke out about the relationship between Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury. He even went and unfollowed Molly-Mae on Instagram when she made some comments about his relationship with Belle and voted for the couple to be dumped.

He has since admitted that he was perhaps a tad TOO opinionated on the couple and previously told Casa SPIN, "Obviously I said they wouldn't last on the outside and granted, totally wrong about that."

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Why did Anton Danyluk leave Love Island for 24 hours?

While series five of Love Island was on TV, producers revealed that Anton had taken time off from filming after feeling "unwell".

At the time they said, "After feeling unwell during the day, Anton spent the night away from the villa and is subsequently missing from tonight's episode.

"He has since returned to the villa."

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Anton later opened up about his mysterious illness and said, "They check your water intake and I was drinking more than anyone in the villa. The problem was that I was training on hot days and drinking eight cups of coffee a day.

“It was my own fault but I was just put on a drip to get the hydration levels up.

“I didn’t feel ill but they wanted to look after me. Initially they thought because of stomach pain it could have been my appendix but it was just dehydration," he told The Sun.

What part of Scotland is Anton Danyluk from?

During his VT, Anton revealed that he's from Airdrie in Scotland.

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Anton Danyluk's transformation

Since leaving Love Island, Anton has had quite the transformation.

During his time in the villa Anton was fit as a fiddle but once he was back in the UK he decided he wanted to be in even better shape and has since gone above and beyond. Keeping his followers up to date with his fitness journey, Anton often shared gym selfies and progress pics on his feed.

There was also some chat around Anton having had surgery but the Love Island contestant firmly denies having anything done and quite rightly stated, "It's my face, it's my body."

Who has Anton Danyluk dated?

For a couple of years Anton was dating a fellow fitness lover by the name of Dominika Blonska. However, the pair called it quits for good in September 2023.

What is Anton Danyluk doing now?

After leaving the Love Island villa, Anton revealed that most of his fellow Islanders regret signing up to the show.

He then launched a YouTube channel, showed off his 30-acre Scottish ranch and he now works as a body coach and is a fitness entrepreneur.

In January 2023, Anton announced that he had created an app alongside his mum Sheri-Ann Danyluk called the Can-do Crew. The app is described as "a children’s wellness app which promotes accountability, inspired healthy conversations about emotions and mood, and encourages positive lifestyle choices from diet through to engaging in household chores."

Anton went one step further in offering support and raising awareness around mental health as he created a documentary titled Anton Danyluk on Body Shame which aired on BBC Scotland.

The documentary followed Anton as he "reflects on whether he is hiding his own insecurities and also inadvertently making some boys believe in an unrealistic ideal body."

On the documentary Anton said, "I want to find out what is causing this growing problem and as a reality star and influencer I want to find out how TV and social media could be fuelling this male body image crisis."

Since leaving the 2019 villa, Anton has been focusing on his health and getting himself (and others) into the best shape imaginable via his online coaching programme, which is excellently named An-Toned. The ex-Islander has even participated in bodybuilding competitions and when we tell you Anton is ripped, we mean he is Arnold-Schwarzenegger-circa-1980-ripped. Google it, if you must.

In the past Anton has been honest about his mental health struggles and revealed that he was "bullied when I was a kid for being overweight." He admitted, "That was the main reason that I physically got into living a healthier lifestyle."

What is Anton Danyluk's Instagram?

You can follow him @anton_danyluk.

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