The best hen party bags for the last fling before the ring

Including both naughty and classy, mother-in-law-in-attendance favours...

best hen party bags and favours

by Ruby Barry |

So you've said "Yes" - congratulations - Now what?

With the big day ahead of you, there's a lot of planning to do for a wedding (which your partner can totally help you with, by the way). Probably one of the most exciting things to plan is your hen party, or a bachelorette party, as they call it across the pond.

If you're a fiancee/bridesmaid/dude of honour, with the daunting task of planning a hen party in front of you, never fear. The Closer team is here to help. One of the most important aspects of any hen do is the party goody bags. Whether this is for holding activities that will go ahead during the event, or just little gifts to say thank you to your beloved friends, we've got you covered. In this ultimate hen party bags guide, we cover the following topics:

Read on for...

The best hen party bags you can buy online (normal, personalised and pre-filled)

The best hen party favours to fill your bags with (from classy, cute, to hella raunchy)

Hen party inspo: we ask around the office to get tons of theming ideas for your do

To get us started, let's first find you the best hen party bags. We've separated these into three different categories (normal, personalised and pre-filled) so you can find exactly the style you are looking for. As well as this, we have listed each item in order of lowest price to highest, because we are determined to cater for any range of wedding budgets. You can find some amazing deals without having to spend a huge chunk of your allowance (and p*ssing off your partner in the process).

The best hen party bags you can buy online

Go the extra mile with personalised hen party bags

Or how about pre-filled hen party bags?

If you want to fill your bags yourself, here's our guide to the best hen party fillers:

From sophisticated, to down-right cheeky...

Classy party favours

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Cutesy party favours

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Cheeky party favours

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Hen party theme ideas

If you're struggling to think of a plan for your hen do, we've asked around the office to find out what our colleagues did for their last fling before the ring, to get some inspiration.

Jade Moscrop, Deputy Commercial Content Editor (engaged): "I think hen do nights out on a weekend away are overrated - people are day drinking and usually tired by the time it comes to hitting the town. I've been to a few and they've never lived up to expectations. I much prefer a chilled vibe with all my besties, hence why I'm going abroad. Drinking wine by the pool and relaxing before the big day sounds like the ideal weekend."

To summarise, Jade's advice would be:

· Ditch the hen nights out and go for something more chilled with your closest friends

· Relax on a holiday abroad if you can - it's the best way to relax before the big day (for help, read our "Where to book flights for under 30" article).

Anna Fitzjohn, Bauer Academy General Manager (married for six months): "I had a very small online party during lockdown. My friends surprised me by sending Champagne and craft supplies, and penis straws. I made a penis crown! I also took ideas from Rock N Roll Bride, which is a great website to get unusual hen party and wedding inspo."

To summarise, Anna's advice would be:

· Don't let any lockdowns or isolation get in the way of your well-deserved fun - have an online hen party.

· It isn't a hen do without a bit of raunch, so don't be afraid to be super silly with your friends.

Wynonna Mathius, Data & Compliance Officer (married for 8 months): “I had a weekend-long hen do. I rented out an Airbnb for 13 people. The first night was just us celebrating my hen-do. I was dressed in all white, had a separate cake and all games relating to brides; this was fun. The second night was related to my birthday as it was the same weekend. We had another cake etc., all over again, and my friends planned to paint a canvas each by picking one of my baby photos. This was super special, and now I have ten canvases full of memories. I arranged food from a catering company and alcohol that I had already stored for my wedding.”

To summarise, Wynonna’s advice would be:

· Age-old hen party traditions such as the bride wearing white, and baby photo games are such staples. It brings fun to the party every time. Much like the “don’t be afraid to go modern” sentiment, don’t be afraid to go traditional either!

· Don’t forget to organise a good stream of food and alcohol to keep you energised throughout the event!

Anna Dewhurst, Grazia's Deputy Picture Director (married for 10 years): "I had a hag, which is basically a hen party with men, too. I kept the party to the evening because I think it's too much for people to do all day and evening. It was cheap and in London so it was accessible for everyone. I had a rule that no one was allowed to give me gifts on the night. And my theme? Dress as your favourite sweet."

To summarise, Anna's advice would be:

· Switch things up and go for a hag do, inviting all genders to your bash.

· Remember to keep your party as accessible as possible. AKA a price range your friends can achieve, and located somewhere everyone can reach.

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