TOWIE’s Junaid Ahmed shares throwback snap with FRENEMY and it’s iconic

Junaid clashed with besties Dani Imbert and Ella Rae Wise on the TOWIE trip to Thailand


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The new series of TOWIE has been explosive to say the least. We've never seen so many fallouts, fights and flirting between friends in one episode.

From Roman Hackett and Dani Imbert not quite making a go of things to the whole of 'Girlband' having a bust up, it all kicked off during the cast trip to Thailand and the drama only continued when they landed back in Essex.

A key storyline in the most recent series is Junaid Ahmed, self proclaimed 'b*tch with a heart of gold', trying to make amends with everyone he has ever wronged which includes fan favourite, Chloe Brockett.

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chloe and junaid on towie in 2023 ITV

The newfound friendship between Chloe and Junaid has thrown everyone, including Essex's Queen Bee, Amber Turner who Junaid has always had major beef with.

It doesn't look like the Junaid x Chloe B friendship is ending anytime soon though as the both of them recently shared a cute pic from four years ago.

Junaid was the first to post the throwback of him and Chloe when a fan asked, "You still friends with Chloe B? You're my fave TOWIE member ."

Responding with an old school picture, Junaid wrote, "Thank you! & Yes! I speak to her pretty much everyday, just talk the most random sh*t this was us back in 2019 @chloebrockett."

We understand the use of the 'rolling on the floor laughing' emoji because honestly this photo is equal parts hilarious and wholesome.

Reposting the snap, Chloe added "Hahahah young us ."

Their shock rekindled friendship comes after Junaid threw shade at Chloe in an exclusive interview with Closer in 2022.

“With myself, what you see is what you get,” Junaid told us.

But, according to the TOWIE star, not all of the cast are themselves on the show.

He said, “I think some of the cast of TOWIE are very clever in how they like to perform in front of the camera. I know a lot of the cast on screen and off screen, and I think a lot of them do play up to portraying themselves a certain type of way when the cameras are rolling.”

Classic Junaid. Don’t mince your words, hun.

Junaid continued, “I just think cast members like Chloe Brockett, when they first come on the show – and obviously, I’ve known them for years – how they portray themselves this series is very different to how they are in real life.”

junaid ahmed chloe brockett
Junaid and Chloe out and about together Getty

However, Junaid’s pal Roman was quick to defend the cast against Junaid’s comments.

He said, “I feel like everyone [is portrayed fairly], because I film with them, I watch the show and I just think, ‘You’re the exact same’. I don’t know what Junaid’s going on about, honestly.”

Their co-star Saffron Lempriere added, “To create a show like this and show your lives, I think everyone does an amazing job. We don’t all like each other, but we are there to do a job and we’re all opening ourselves up.

“I think everyone needs to be proud of that, really.”

Chloe and Junaid's friendship comes after Chloe has decided to take a step back from life within 'Girlband' that is made up of Amber and her pals Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green.

Junaid has even been posting pics and videos of Chloe hanging out with him and BFF Dani Imbert, so we do wonder how Ella Rae Wise will feel about Chloe joining their clan as it's not secret the two of them have never seen eye to eye.

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