Sam Faiers on biological father: ‘He beat mum so badly she ended up in hospital’

Sam faiers and mum Suzie Wells

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Sam Faiers opened up about the reason why she and Billie doesn’t speak to their biological father - revealing that he was physically abusive towards their mother, Suzie Wells...

Former TOWIE star Sam Faiers has dished the dirt on her life so far in autobiography Secrets and Lies, and in it spills the beans on her relationship with her father, Lee.

"From what I gather, he was a seductive bad boy who made his money as a successful market trader," Sam wrote.

She added: "But money trouble hit and his drinking got out of control. Added to that was the drug use - he was taking speed and it made him volatile and awful to live with."

In the autobiography, it is also revealed that the girls’ biological father, who walked out on the family when Sam was two years old, once "half strangled our mum and beat her up so badly she had to go to hospital."

Because of this, both Sam and Billie admit they have "no time" for Lee in their lives, and consider their stepdad, Dave Chatwood, to be their real father.

But things have not all been smooth sailing with their stepfather either, as Sam admits his "well-documented" struggle with the law has often left her mum alone to fend for herself.

"We even had to spend five years in Spain sort of hiding out with him," she said.


Who is Sam and Billie Faiers' mum?

Sam and Billie Faiers' mum is called Suzanne Wells, and also goes by the names Sue and Suzie. She's appeared on The Mummy Diaries and is very close to her two daughters.

Who is Sam and Billie Faiers' biological dad?

Sam and Billie Faiers' real dad is Lee Faiers, a former market trader. He is Sam and Billie's biological dad, but their mum Suzanne Wells split from him when he became violent due to alcohol and drug abuse.

Who is Sam and Billie Faiers' stepdad?

Sam and Billie Faiers consider their stepdad, Dave Chatwood, to be their real father. He was married to their mum, Sue Wells, who she has now split from.

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