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Get ready, ladies - it's time to change your hair colour (perhaps for the third time this year), and if you're looking for a new look, may we suggest blue hair dye? Blue, from light tones to midnight navy, looks good on any skin tone or hair texture. Keep reading for our best hair dyes to buy online to achieve a luscious blue hue, from retailers like Amazon through to Shrine and their revolutionary dye drops.

Nowadays, you don't have to spend a fortune in the salon because box dyes in 2023 are just as good as the real deal. Plus, it means you don't have to suffer through making small talk with your hairdresser. Dyeing your hair at home means you can explore a wide range of colours. If you're looking to go dark, black hair dye might be calling your name. Prefer something warm and sultry? Red hair dye it is, but today - let's focus on the most distinctive colour of them all - blue. Seriously, blue hair looks good on everybody.

Lizzo, Phoebe Bridgers and Maisie Williams have all gone blue and they look fabulous (Getty Images)

Closer's top three blue hair dyes at a glance:

Best permanent blue hair dye: Schwarzkopf LIVE Urban Metallics Blue Mercury - Buy on Amazon

Best semi-permanent blue hair dye: Crazy Color Tint Hair Colour - Buy on Amazon

Best custom blue hair dye: Shrine Blue Hair Dye - Drop It Kit - Buy on Shrine

Looking to switch to a luscious blue hue? Whether pastel or metallic, you've come to the right place. Let's get started with the best blue hair dyes.

SHOP: The best blue hair dye to shop online in 2023

Schwarzkopf LIVE Urban Metallics Vibrant Permanent Blue Hair Dye

Best permanent blue hair dye

Schwarzkopf LIVE Urban Metallics Vibrant Permanent Blue Hair Dye, Infused with Coconut Oil for Shiny Hair, Blue Mercury U67amazon
Price: $6.34
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If you're committed to the blue crew, you'll want to go down the permanent hair dye route, and no one does that better than Schwarzkopf. This Blue Mercury shade has a beautiful metallic tinge that shimmers in the light.

Amazon review: "I wish I'd found this a long time ago! This is fantastic stuff. I have very dark gunmetal-grey hair and I used to have to bleach it twice, then tone it to get the yellow out, and then apply the colour, which would then bleed constantly, getting on towels, staining the sheets, staining the entire shower and tub, even my fingernails and fingertips if I scratched my head. What a pain!

With this, I just have one step. I apply this. That's it. Done. I still get a good, true blue. No green. No grey. The photo on the box actually is not as pretty as it turned out on my head. I actually got a really nice cobalt blue. I was not expecting that, and I'm absolutely delighted by it! I've just bought my second box too, and will be continuing with this product from now on!"


  • Built-in Metallic Shine Booster infused with coconut oil
  • Vegan formula


  • Works effectively only on bleached hair
  • Amazon rating

Crazy Color Tint Hair Colour, 100 ml, Sapphire

Best semi-permanent hair dye

Crazy Color Tint Hair Colour, 100 ml, Sapphireamazon
Price: $17.99

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Don't want to commit to the blue crew quite so strongly? We get it. Crazy Color has these amazing 100ml bottles of semi-permanent hair dyes that'll have you experimenting with a new look for summer. They have regular blue, but we're a fan of the sapphire blue - dark and mysterious.

Amazon review: "I have used this particular colour a couple of times as well as a different shade of blue. This brand is fabulous, it's highly pigmented, distributes evenly & captures every hair thoroughly. I've never had issues or patching... This took straight away and fixed the mess that my hair was in!

The only issue is, is that this colour transfers so easily and for quite a while. My coat kept getting a blue shadow all over it, had to use a towel over my pillow for a few weeks, it would run down a little if I'd done exercise and was sweating. It would mark my ear and neck if it touched it & kept staining my hands. I did look for several methods to stop this & I found to use conditioner and leave it in for a while and rinse with cool water helped reduce it from happening. This doesn't deter me from buying the product as this is one of my go-to's as it's incredible!"


  • Semi-permanent hair colour cream - lasts approx. 4-8 washes
  • Affordable and budget-friendly


  • Colour can transfer easily onto pillowcases
  • Amazon rating

Shrine Blue Hair Dye - Drop It Kit

Best custom blue hair dye

Shrine Blue Hair Dye - Drop It Kitshrine
Price: 7.75 (Was 12.99)

View offer

If you're looking to get a custom shade of blue that you can't find on the box-dye shelves, Shrine has you covered. Using only one bottle, you can create up to 30 full head colours and achieve a spectrum of unreal results, which you can build up over the course of weeks. Shrine's top tip? Purchase the blue and indigo drop kits and mix them to achieve an unreal indigo-purple hair dye shade.

Shrine review: "Love this blue drop-it kit, you can get a massive range of colours from it, from pale baby blue to electric blue. Totally lush. So easy and quick to apply and it doesn't have a bad smell to it."


  • One bottle with endless custom shades
  • Add desired drops to conditioner, quick and nourishing
  • Vegan formula


  • Roots may need bleaching for the colour to take fully there
  • Shrine rating

BLEACH LONDON Blulini Super Cool Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Cream

Best light blue hair dye

BLULLINI Super Cool Colour Pastel Baby Blue Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Creambleach london
Price: 6.50

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Pastel princesses, rise up. Live your light blue hair dreams with Bleach London's BLULLINI semi-permanent cream. Ideal for those who want a change but not a super-long commitment, Bleach London's formula sticks around for one to 30 washes. Perfect for those who want to recreate Phoebe Bridger's gorgeous locks from the Met Gala.

Look Fantastic review: "Easy to use hair colour, I used mine on my bleached hair and it's amazing - five stars!"


  • Produces a beautiful baby blue hue that softens the face
  • Works in just 30 minutes


  • Hair needs to be pre-bleached and toned
  • Bleach London rating

Stargazer Semi Permanent Hair Dye, Soft Blue

Best aqua blue hair dye

Stargazer Semi Permanent Hair Dye, Soft Blueamazon
Price: $9.99
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Alternative retailers
Walmart$12.00View offer

Arguably the most popular shade of blue, aqua is fun, memorable and inviting. Any gal rocking an aqua-blue hue knows how to have a good time. Stargazer's semi-permanent hair dye can last up to 15 washes in pre-lightened hair and eight washes in un-lightened hair.

Amazon review: "I got tired of my hair fading and wanted to look for something that wasn't as damaging while my hair still grows out but I don't want to chop, so I bought this dye. I haven't been using any colour shampoos or conditioners and the colour has barely faded at all after about 5 washes. It didn't make my hair feel that dry either, but I already had very dry hair so I wouldn't have seen a massive difference either way.

I'm very happy with the colour it turned out to be (my hair was bleached with a faded blue underneath) I do warn anyone that dying your hair blue might leave it faded green, but I don't really care and this happens to 99% of blue dyes. Overall I'm really happy."


  • All the Stargazer semi-permanent hair dyes can be mixed to make custom shades
  • Free from ammonia or peroxide
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Colour can hang around for up to two months on certain hair types
  • Amazon rating

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color, Permanent Hair Dye, Intense Colour 3.10 Midnight Blue

Best blue hair dye for dark hair

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color, Permanent Hair Dye, Intense Colour 3.10 Midnight Blueamazon
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Want to dye your hair but don't want to bleach it? Don't get the blues (hehe, get it) because Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye is ideal for our dark-haired girls. This gorgeous midnight blue shade works on all hair textures and is visible even on dark hair without the need for bleach.

Amazon review: "This is a good choice for permanent hair colour and really does take well. I like the idea of using this as it seems less harsh on your hair compared to several other brands. I have shortish hair and there was plenty in the bottle for me. Being naturally very dark brown, this took instantly, and the colour really is rich and vibrant, with a hint of blue which you can catch in the light.

Just a personal note, I found the mixture extremely runny when applying it for the first time, so much so that it ran a little too quickly when I first applied it to my hair (hence my 4 stars not 5). However, for a good overall result and at a good price, I would definitely recommend this."


  • Up to 8 weeks of vibrant and intense colour
  • 5 oils conditioner restores hair to reveal up to 3x shinier hair and up to 3x stronger hair


  • Application process can be messy
  • Amazon rating

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye Blue Black

Best blue-black hair dye

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye Blue Blackamazon
View offer

For those who frequently use dark hair dyes but want to try something a bit different this time around, L'Oréal's Colorista can deliver you a beautiful black shade with a subtle shimmer of mesmerising blue. This permanent gel colour will last you up to eight weeks and offers 100% grey coverage.

Amazon review: "This is the only black hair dye that doesn't attach to my facial skin... it can be incredibly hard when using a black hair dye to not get any hairline mishaps as it's so dark, others I've used even with Vaseline around my face, still stain and refuse to wipe off or fade from my skin, not even I believe sulphuric acid would burn the stain away! However, this hair dye seems to wipe off easily when you've made a mistake and after a few cleanses the stain is gone!

It's a lovely vibrant colour and the blue is only present when in sunlight or beneath a light bulb in winter lol overall it's a good hair dye that covers greys and lasts a long time with hardly any fading! Until your greys come through again ha!"


  • Results in only 20 minutes
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Includes deep conditioning hair mask for nourishing post-colour treatment


  • Strong scent
  • Amazon rating

Choosing the right blue hair dye

We spoke to DIY hair expert Blanca Aguirrezabal, founder of home improvement siteThe Blog Stuff, who gave us all the tips and tricks you need before you venture into the world of hair colouration.

"Finding the right hair dye that won't cause damage to your hair is very important", explains Blanca. "It's also important to take into account your natural hair colour, the desired effect you want to achieve, and whether you want a permanent or temporary change.

"You need to determine what level of maintenance you're willing to commit to as well. Are you okay with touch-ups every six to eight weeks? Or are you looking for something that will last a bit longer", Blanca concludes.

How to get hair dye to last longer

Now, when it comes to making sure that fresh dye stays fresh, that can be a pretty hard job to maintain. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure you keep your hair colour from fading:

  • Try a dedicated colour-locking shampoo or conditioner. A specially designed blue shampoo will do the trick for blue-dyed hair. For other hair dye colours, for example, if you've gone full Marilyn with blonde hair dye, a purple shampoo will keep your hair non-brassy. Here are the best purple shampoos.

  • Applying a hair toner in your suitable shade once and a while can revive any fading colours.

  • Limit your hair-washing days. Aim to wash your hair at least every other day if you are guilty of overwashing.

  • Turn down the water temperature when shampooing. Hot water can make dye bleed from your hair prematurely. Turn it to cold if you can handle it!

Remember, avoid getting dye on your skin, but if you do, don't worryjust follow thisquick, easy guide to getting dye off skin.

How can I wash blue hair dye out?

According to Bleach London, blue and green hair dyes can be particularly tricky to get rid of because of the "blue pigment sticking to the hair. The easiest and safest way to remove stubborn faded blue or green colour is "to neutralise with a red based colour. This is its opposite on the colour wheel. So use a pinkBleach London Super Cool Colour or Rosé Shampoo and Conditioner to gently neutralise the colour, help pull the green tones out and replace them with a pinky lilac colour. After a while, shampooing with a normal non-toning shampoo can resume, and the hair should return to a very light blonde." You can also try a hair-stripping method using clarifying shampoo.

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