The best Valentine’s gifts for dogs

Show some puppy love this February 14th - because love isn't just for your human friends, after all.

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by Angelica Daujotas |

We’re a nation of dog lovers. You only need to look at the range of treats and toys available in pet shops or watch faithful owners going for walks in the pouring rain, to see it. There’s nothing like the love of a good dog (and they are ALL good dogs!) That's why this Valentine's Day you should get a gift for your dog too.

These pampered pets who often go for pricey haircuts, get looked after by professional dog walkers or enjoy play dates with their pals aren’t cheap to keep, but as any owner will tell you, they’re worth every penny. After all, whatever you give, you get back a hundred times in wags, licks and general puppy-eyed adoration.

If you spoiled your pup with special dog-friendly mince pies or a squeaky Santa Claus (claws?) over Christmas, you’ll know how much they appreciated the fuss.

So we say, why should the fun stop there? Show your beloved hound that they're more than just a pet (they're family, obviously) by lavishing them with treats. You know they'd do the same if they were able.

All together now: “And they call it, puppy looooove….”

The best Valentine's cards for dogs

First, let's get into the best cards you can get for your pooch. Yes, they're totally necessary.

SHOP: Fun and practical gifts for your pup this Valentine's Day

Up next, let's get to the meat and potatoes and look at some presents to gift your pooch this Valentine's Day. No, we don't mean wrap up a plate of meat and potatoes for your dog. Although, they would probably love that.

Tried and tested: Denzel's Valentine’s Hearts Dog Bites

We put Denzel's Valentine’s Hearts Dog Bites to the test with our in-house treats taster, Charlie, this is what he had to say:

Tried and tested: Denzel's Valentine’s Hearts Dog Bites
Photo: Closeronline

"Hi I’m Charlie and I woof these new heart-shaped treats from Denzel’s. Because my humans love me very much and I’ve been a good boy, they’ve let me try these Valentine’s Day treats early. I found the peanut butter, strawberries and carob very tasty. My owners love that these are vegan-friendly, low sugar and low calorie too because it means they’re good for training on our walks."

Tried and tested: Pooch & Mutt Valentine's Probiotic Meaty Treats

Our in-house treats taster, Charlie, has been busy again putting Pooch & Mutt Valentine's Probiotic Meaty Treats to the test. Here's what he had to say:

Pooch & Mutt Valentine's Probiotic Meaty Treats
Photo: Closeronline

"Leading up to Valentine's Day, my owners have been spoiling me with these naturally hypoallergenic treats and I love them. I have been learning how to sit before crossing the road and get one of these as a reward. These get paws up and tail wags from me!"

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