Inspiring books by women to read this year to celebrate International Women’s Day

We’re celebrating female authors in the run up to International Women’s Day.

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by Lily Anderson |

Have you ever lost yourself in a book? Where you’re completely gripped by the words on the page and emotionally invested in the plot? Because same. There are so many amazing stories to be told as well as thousands that have already been published. And, that’s why for International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the most inspiring books by women to read in 2023.

Although, this list should probably come with a warning because you’ll end up in plot twist after plot twist, until silly o’clock in the morning. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

Binge-reading aside, these tales will make you laugh out loud, cry and reflect. They'll even be stories that'll change your life. Not only are the stories themselves inspiring, but they are also written by a whole host of incredible women including the former First Lady of the United States - we know right?

All that’s left to do now is shop from our list of the best women’s books.

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SHOP: Inspiring books by women to read for International Women's Day 2023

When is International Women's Day 2023?

This year, International Women’s Day lands on Wednesday 8 March. We can’t wait to get lost in some of the best women’s books of all time.

Was your New Year's resolution to read more? If you want to get through at least 12 books this year, then it's time to start on a whole host of page-turners that’ll make achieving this goal easier.

Yep, you’re welcome.

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