Today is the LEAST romantic day of the year

According to research, today is 'Anti-Valentine's Day'...


by Emma Dodds |
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If the last thing you feel like right now is a spot of hanky panky, you're not alone. As today is officially the least romantic day of the year.

In fact, it's been dubbed anti-Valentine's Day.

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Using things like Google search data, social media mentions and traffic to their dating site, the love experts at eHarmony have created a Lovedex.

And according to the Lovedex, Brits are 30% less interest in romance on the second Wednesday in December than they usually are.

But why?


One word: Christmas.

29% of daters go on fewer dates to save money before Christmas, and a whopping 270,000 of British singles purposefully don't get into relationships so that they don't have to spend money on Christmas presents. Stingy!

And even more depressingly, nearly a quarter of people are too busy obsessing about their jobs and careers at this time of year to think about starting a new romance.

In fact, six out of the 10 least romantic days in the year happen in December. We know it's cold and busy right now, but come on guys!

Rachael Lloyd, Senior PR and Comms Manager for, commented: "While it's understandable that December can be a tricky time to meet someone, our advice is don't give up on love.

"What better present to yourself could there be than finding someone who makes Christmas a truly unforgettable experience – both now and in the future?"

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