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Let's be honest - there are times when we all just want to be alone. When, to be frank, we just wish the rest of the world (including out S/O and kids) would just disappear.

And now there's a jumper to help you do just that.

The "Leave Me Alone" jumper does exactly what it says on the boxe. The multi-functional knit, created by American design enthusiast Ruth Grace Wong, can be worn in a variety of ways. And one of those ways is to zip it up over your face when you can't be bothered to talk to anyone.


Ruth shows off the multiple uses of the "Leave Me Alone" jumper (Credit: Ruth Grace Wong) Ruth Grace Wong

Just imagine...

You're mid-conversation with someone and it's just too dreary to continue? Zip your face away.

It's Christmas Day and you're totally done with your family? Zip your face away.

Your kids are going nuts because you made beans not peas for their tea? Zip that face OUTTA THERE!

According to Ruth, the jumper is: "more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing" - but that's all we need it for!

Sadly, the jumper isn't actually on sale yet, but Ruth has uploaded her idea to Betabrand - an online clothing community that designs, manufactures and releases new items that have been co-designed and crowdfunded by their fans - so is hoping it might be available IRL soon.

Can't wait? Then you're in luck, as Ruth has very kindly made a "how-to" guide so that you can make your own!

Perfect. Now we just have to learn how to knit!

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