The Best Bits Of Autumn And How To Enjoy Them With Your Family

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by Emily Leary |
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It’s now beginning to be that time of year when we all retreat indoors and go into hibernation mode, so making your home a sanctuary of warmth and relaxation is a great way to enjoy autumn. It’s time to make your house all about the hot chocolate, comfy knitwear and your best book by the fire. The colder months are not so bad if you know how to do it right! We’ve teamed up with F&F to bring you the best bits of Autumn and how to enjoy them more.

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1. Family Bake Off

It’s a Saturday, the rain outside won’t relent and the kids are getting restless. Grab all of the baking essentials, and let your family’s creativity run wild. It’s adults versus kids, so you and your partner can be in charge of the brownies while the kids go crazy with the cupcakes. Have competitions for who can whip up the best treat. Whichever team wins gets extra helpings!

2. Just For The Kids

Making autumn much more fun indoors will make the whole family much cheerier. It’s easy to just switch on the TV for the kids when it’s storming outside, but try planning board game tournaments, building blanket forts or creating an in-house art studio instead.

3. Bath By Candlelight

This treat just for you, calls for your best candle, your most luxurious oils and creams and some relaxing acoustic tunes. There’s nothing better than hearing the rain outside on the window as you soak in a hot bath.

4. Books By The Fire

On a particularly chilly autumn day, encourage some reading by the fire for the whole family as a bit of a break from all the devices. Insist on just 10 minutes. You may find everyone’s still there an hour later, as it’ll be far too cosy to move!

5. The Perfect Winter Wardrobe

The answer to all your winter wardrobe wants? Knitwear. Get comfy and relaxed, yet stay stylish in your favourite threads with F&F’s new knitwear range- coming soon. See the gallery below!


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