10 Tried-and-tested Style Hacks To Save Time And Money


by Emily Leary |
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If you went ahead and bought a tonne of expensive products to shine up or dust off everything in your wardrobe, you’d be many pounds poorer. There’s a time and place for purchasing household products, but there’s no sense in forking out for every product under the sun when there are several other useful methods right under your nose. Sometimes, the things you need to freshen up your much-loved pieces are right there in your kitchen or bathroom cupboard.

So, we at Closer have found the best 10 tried-and-tested style hacks to save you time and money and make your clothes and accessories last longer. You’re very welcome!

1. Tighten Frames

If your sunnies are slightly loose on their hinges, then tighten them up with a little clear nail polish. You’ll be summer-ready in less than a minute!

2. Foundation Be Gone!

Smeared some lippy on your blouse? Don’t worry, it can be rectified. Pre-treat with Ariel liquid, then wash as normal at the hottest temperature indicated on the care label and let Ariel 3in1 Pods do their thing. Your shirt will be meeting ready in no time!


3. Get Shirty

Sometimes there’s just no time to iron before heading out for the day. Instead, bust out your straightener on a low setting to neaten your collar. No fuss!


4. Fight The Pinch

A new pair of heels are something to celebrate, but you don’t want them to be hellish to walk in. Stretch out narrow styles with chunky socks, then blast the outside with a hairdryer for a few seconds. The heat helps loosen the material. Give it a try!

5. Stop The Stick

If your swishy skirt has stopped swishing and is sticking awkwardly where it shouldn’t, then fight off the dreaded static by misting your hems with hairspray.


6. Remove Dirt

Using your stale bread to feed the ducks with the kids is all well and good, but did you know it has another nifty use? Remove tricky dirt from suede with a little elbow grease and a chunk of old loaf. It will work wonders!

7. Look Buff

Bring an old pair of leather shoes back into their heyday with a pea-sized amount of moisturiser. Just a few dabs will perk them up without having to fork out for polish.

8. Shine On

Bananas account for more than just one of your five-a-day. Use the inside of the skin to bring back shine into your old boots or the kids’ school shoes. Simply wipe over and then buff with a cloth.

9. Zip It Up

Pesky zips often get caught halfway up a dress or jacket. Get it to slide easier with a dab of Vaseline or sheer lip balm.


10. Be Fluff-free

Don’t panic if your beloved chunky knit is starting to bobble. You can remove any fuzz by gently running over it with a disposable razor, and then tidying up with a lint roller.

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