Desperate Scousewives: where are the cast now?

Desperate Scousewives' axing is THE great reality TV tragedy of our time

Desperate Scousewives cast

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Desperate Scousewives' axing is THE great reality TV tragedy of our time. Well, that and Beauty School Cop Outs only running for one season.

The show, billed as Liverpool’s answer to TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, ran for a single, beautiful but brief, eight-episode series in 2011.

It was canned following a critical mauling and perceived lack of interest from viewers.

But we LOVED IT.

And its impact on popular culture can be summed up in two powerful words: Scouse brow.

But where are Amanda Harrington, Jodie Lundstram and the rest of them now? Find out.

Check out what the cast of Desperate Scousewives are up to now

Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington
Amanda Harrington in 2012 Getty

Amanda was already a little bit famous before the show started having won Miss Liverpool aged 16 and appeared in gentlemen's' interest calendars.

In a career pivot that we did NOT see coming, Amanda released a cookbook in 2022.

Jodie Lundstram

Jodie Lundstram in 2012
Jodie Lundstram in 2012 Getty

In many ways the beating heart of the series, Jodie was a beautician and the creator of the Scouse brow.

Jodie is still a make-up artist and still working a powerful brow. She now has two little girls, Viva and Stella. She also owns a lash company and an aesthetic surgery named after her daughter, Viva Aesthetics.

Debbie and Gill O'Toole

Debbie O'Toole and Gillian O'Toole in 2012
Debbie O'Toole and Gillian O'Toole in 2012 Getty

Debbie was another Miss Liverpool and the younger sister of fellow cast member Gill O'Toole. Gill was the older sister of Debbie. That's where her show role began and ended.

Since appearing on the show, the sisters have largely kept oput of the spotlight but Debbie is now an aesthetic practitioner and living in Marbella.

Chloe Cummings

Chloe Cummings in 2012
Chloe Cummings in 2012 Getty

Chloe was the youngest of the Scousewives at the tender 20 when she started the show. She's the cousin ofAbbey Clancy.

Chloe is a registered nurse and now specialises inlip fillers.

Layla Flaherty

Layla Flaherty in 2012
Layla Flaherty in 2012 Getty

Layla wasn't Scouse or a wife, but sure.

Layla now owns a dog modelling agency which is, frankly, our ideal job. She also made a brief appearance in theReal Housewives Of Cheshire.

Desperate Scousewives
Desperate Scousewives cast E4


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