When was Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods on Love Island?

Carl starred in the Love Island villa alongside Kady McDermott

Carl Woods and Katie Price pose together

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Remember during the second series of Love Island when Carl Woods went in the villa? No? You're not alone in the that thought.

Nowadays Essex-native Carl is best known for being in an on/off relationship with Katie Price (they're currently on, FYI). However some very loyal Love Island viewers may remember that he appeared as a contestant on the second series of Love Island all the way back in 2016.

His time was short but memorably cringe, with him being pied off by all of the girls almost immediately. He entered during a speed-dating challenge and was off to a rocky start by almost walking straight through a glass door during his entrance.

carl in the villa

He strutted onto the patio sheepishly admitting, “I well messed up then.”

His date went from bad to worse as he then told his date Cara de la Hoyde, that Zara Holland was “quite fit.” Ouch.

While he was not a hit with the girls, Carl at least posed a threat to the onlooking lads.

“We might as well go f--king home mates, look at him," said one of the Islanders.

That just goes to show you that everyone’s got a type.

Although he didn’t find love with any of the girls on Love Island, he met Katie Price in 2020 and they got engaged after just ten months of dating.

katie price and carl woods together
katie and carl together Getty Images

What did Carl Woods say on Love Island?

During the second series of Love Island, Carl was asked what makes him different from the rest of the boys and he said, "None of them look like Channing Tatum.

"Being a Channing Tatum look-a-like is a bonus to say the least. I get told I look like him a lot."

Carl Woods on Love Island
Carl failed to make much of an impression on Love Island ITV

Who did Carl Woods fancy on Love Island?

Before going into the villa, Carl fancied Zara Holland and Kady McDermott. He told ITV producers, "I think Zara’s a little bag of heat and Kady [McDermott] is hot as well – if they’re coupled up I’ll happily take one of them off the guys’ hands."

What has Carl Woods done since leaving Love Island?

Following his unsuccessful stint on the reality show, Carl went on to win ITV’s short-lived murder mystery reality series Killer Camp in 2018.

Carl reportedly made his money from car dealership and has joined Only Fans alongside Katie.

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