Love Island: All Stars – Liberty Poole and Hannah Elizabeth reveal what they ate in the villa and it’s a mixed bag tbh

Hannah Elizabeth and Liberty have spilled the tea on the food in the villa

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Although Love Island airs every single day, we can’t help but want more. We need to know all the behind-the-scenes secrets; which Islanders have a secret romantic connection? Who’s secretly not into their partner? And perhaps the most important question of all - what is the food like?

The Islanders are spotted snacking every now and then, but their actual meals are had off-camera - think of all the gossip we’re missing out on over mealtime.

This FOMO increases tenfold with Love Island All Stars since the Islanders all seem to have years of history with each other - never mind exes of three years Molly Smith and Callum Jones, we’re talking about Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran and their weeks of apparent deep meaningful time together.

Liberty Poole Hannah Elizabeth
The pair became fast friends ITV

When an Islander is dumped from the villa, we get the opportunity to grill them for all the secrets we’re dying to know. This week, we sat down with Hannah Elizabeth and Liberty Poole after their brutal dumping to ask all our burning questions - including everything about the villa’s secret menu.

Hannah explained that while the food varies day-to-day, the Islanders are usually kept on a fairly healthy diet.

Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah's reaction to finding out it was curry chips for dinner ITV

“They were all eating plates of salad and then me and Lib would have a plateof chips. And then I would go to the zoom room and request chicken nuggets."

However, she went on to explain that the Islanders are treated every now and again.

“One day I was actually in the shower… and Lib ran in and was like, ‘Han, Han, they’ve got curry chips and rice!’”

Liberty and Hannah became fast friends as soon as they bonded over their love of food.

Liberty said, “As soon as I saw curry chips and rice, Hannah was the first person I ran to to tell her that. And I was like… ‘I’ve got to plate you up some food! You’re actually going to enjoy the dinner today!’

“It wasn’t that bad though. It was tasty, it was just very healthy, and me and Hannah, we like our food.”

Two women after our own hearts.

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