How I stay fit with… Love Island’s Jessie Wynter

The star talks Love Island ab routines, supplements and her number one fitness tip for beginners...

Jessie Wynter

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This week it's all about Jessie Wynter, the Australian Love Island series 9 star who was adored by the nation for being the ultimate girl's girl, her gorgeous outfits and being total #relationshipgoals with co-star and boyfriend, Will Young. Honestly? Maybe our favourite Love Island couple, ever.

Before appearing on the show, Jessie worked as a personal trainer and now shares snippets of her healthy lifestyle on Instagram.

We sat down with the Love Island star to chat about her week in workouts, downtime with Farmer Will and the secret five-minute workout responsible for her impressive abs...

Hi Jessie! Have you always been into fitness?

I've always loved fitness. So when I was in prep, I came second last in cross country and I was devastated. I think prep is called year 2 in the UK. I came second last in cross country I was so embarrassed because all my friends came at the start. After that, I started practising at home and ever since I feel like I've just always loved fitness. I won the next year!

What does a week in workouts look like?

It does change all the time and I try to get outside as much as possible for a workout because I just think being outside is so great. I will always start my Monday off with a run. I love running. You'll find me with a very balanced type of workout schedule. On Tuesday and Thursday, I like to get in my weight training sessions. I am a bit of a cardio bunny, so I will try to get in one session. Then over the weekend, I will do something like an active recovery day,such as walking. If I was in Australia, I'd be going on a hike or swimming at the beach or something like that.

8km is my favourite running distance for some reason. It's what I run if I don't want to go too fast and I don't want to run too far. If I want to do a fast run I will try to do between 3 and 5km and that's more like endurance, getting my pace up. And then I will sometimes do a slow run which would be about 12km. But I do change it up.

How did you stay fit on Love Island?

I actually got everyone in the villa to do my ab routine with me and none of them came back and did it with me again!

It's so simple. So you start with Russian twists. I do quite a high volume because I've done it for so long. So Russian twists, and then what I call a V crunch. Russian Twists is your obliques and a V crunch targeting the middle.

I finish with leg raises which is the bottom of your abs. So then you've worked out all your muscles in your core. Then repeat that twice if you want. Repeat it 10 times if you want, to do it as much as you like.

Then a little plank as a burner. I can do really long planks, I've done an 11-minute plank before. At Christmas time, I had a competition with my younger brothers and obviously, I was not going down!

What are your daily wellness habits?

When I wake up the first thing I do is make the bed. No phones, I jump out of bed and make my bed. I'll try to do my stretches and if I can in the morning, go for a morning walk. But coffee first! Having my morning coffee is probably my favourite thing to do for myself because when Will and I get our coffee, we sit down with our notepads and write down what we want to achieve for the day. I think that is just a really good way to set yourself up. So whether that be like work goals, fitness... we do it all.

Then I do have my little ab routine in the evening. Whenever I do that workout my brain almost says “Okay, it's time to start our nighttime routine.” Then I shower, do my skincare skincare, turn my phone off and sleep. I’m a routine girl.

What about go-to healthy meals?

Everybody laughs at me because I love greens so much. I eat so many salads, I eat so much lettuce. They all just look at what I eat and say “You can’t be loving that”. But I truly do and like a homemade Caesar salad is just absolutely delicious. I’m honestly just obsessed with Caesar salads.

Oats too. I feel like oats and porridge doesn't sound that delicious. But if you can have the right toppings like even a little scoop of Biscoff in your oats, it’s delicious.My favourite porridge dish has walnuts, blueberries and I'm obsessed with Biscoff at the moment.

Do you swear by any supplements?

I don't take protein shakes any more. I used to use Tropeaka and the reason I liked Tropeaka is because they're all natural products. I feel like with protein shakes some of them are highly processed. Especially when I was vegetarian I had so many protein shakes and I just don’t think my body was agreeing with it.

"But in terms of vitamins, I take magnesium. I think magnesium is so important and a magnesium drink before bed always helps me sleep so well and then I do just have a range of vitamins.

At the moment I've been using JSHealth, especially their Detox and Debloat(29.99). The only thing I don't really like about them is the names of them, but the vitamins are effective. But if you actually look at the ingredients in them, they are good ingredients. I also take their Magnesium+.

What's always in your gym bag?

I honestly think just remaining hydrated is so important. I'm using the Air Up drink bottles at the moment with the flavouring. At first, I was thinking, 'Maybe they're overhyped' but now I’m addicted to them. They're really funny to me. The scent is only so subtle, but I feel like once you're used to it, it does make a big difference.

With fitness and gym essentials, it's so simple - have food to eat after your workout so you feel nourished. And for me, I've always had asthma so an asthma spray is a must!

Tell us a fitness tip you wish you had known two years ago

Honestly, if I could go back and give my younger self a fitness tip, it's just to remain consistent and do what you enjoy. You know, you don't have to be smashing workouts in the gym every single day. If you're getting out and moving your body for 30 minutes, no matter what you're doing. That's what's going to count in the long run.

How do you switch off after a hard week?

I don't really go out very much. Will and I love to go to M&S and get a cheesecake and watch a movie.We think, 'Everyone else our age is out clubbing, so we deserve this cheesecake!'

Quickfire round:

Go-to gym wear brand?Lulu! In Australia, we are obsessed with Lululemon!

Favourite healthy snack? Peanut butter and banana on toast.

Usual bedtime?Around 10pm

Something that’s always in your fridge?Greek yoghurt, always.

A quote you live by? 'Just do it' which is the same as Nike. Whenever I’m like “Should I do it?” I think again and say “Just do it!”

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