How to manifest: willing your goals into existence

It's time to manifest your dream life...

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If you have any sort of presence on Instagram or TikTok, chances are you'll have come across the idea of manifesting. Similarly to Reiki, manifestation is all about energy and the idea that the energy you put out into the universe is what you'll receive back in return.

Manifesting stems from the law of attraction, a universal law that has its roots in ancient philosophies, like Buddhism, and states that like attracts like. Using our thoughts we can help create our reality, co-creating with a higher source that some people refer to as the universe.

What is manifestation?

Manifesting is essentially speaking things into existence. But it isn't always the case of just asking for things and then five seconds later they happen. It's all about believing. If you were to manifest money, you can't expect a man to show up at your front door 10 minutes later with a briefcase of money, the reality of manifestation is quite different. But does it actually work?

“It can and does,” says Victoria Jackson, certified mindset coach, EFT practitioner andauthor of Manifesting For Beginners, “It’s about harnessing the right energy. Everything is made up of vibrating energy, from our bodies to everything you touch. When we are in a happier, more positive state, our bodies vibrate at a higher frequency. The energy we put out into the world is the one we receive back, manifestation is using that power to consciously attract our dreams into reality.”

According to Victoria, we are always manifesting. “From the second we wake up to the moment we go to sleep,” she says. “We can change our luck by becoming more conscious or our thoughts. At a very basic level, manifestation is the concept of “ask, believe, receive” but there are many more layers to this for it to truly become a way of living.”

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How to manifest: your step by step guide

Manifesting can take form in a multitude of ways and is a great form of self care, with some people using crystals to aid the process and others journaling. Here are Victoria's guide to manifesting the life that you want...

Be specific and set your intention

"Decide what you really want your life to feel like, not just look like for social media. True alignment comes from building a life you love, whether that be wanting to attract your soulmate or live somewhere different or be passionate about your career, for example. Sit and write your intentions down - what would you like to manifest? Be specific so the universe knows what to help you co-create. Think of it like going on to Amazon. You type in what you’d like in the search bar, right? You don’t just hand over your card details and hope that the computer knows what you’d like to turn up the next day."

Ask the universe

"Tell the universe what you’d like to attract by creating a vision board, cutting out words and images which evoke the energy of how you’ll feel when you receive your desires. Maybe you want a new car? Or a holiday? Or you just want more balance in life? Cut out images that represent that to you, no matter how abstract they may be. Remember, this is your vision board, no one else’s. Look at your board daily to help your mind and energy focus on what it is you’re calling in."

Believe it

We all know the saying 'believe it, achieve it' and that is exactly how you need to be thinking when manifesting. But we know that this is easier said than done. "How do you believe in something you’ve never experienced before? It is about changing your mindset to the what if. The “what if this actually works?” and the “what if I do attract the opportunity to buy a new car into my life” – it turns the usual negative connotation linked to “what if” on its head and enables you to get excited about all the new possibilities," says Vanessa. "In short, let yourself really feel the feels. Get excited. Do a happy dance. Start living as if your manifestation has already come true. For example, when I was manifesting my car, I would drive and imagine that I was in my new car, and that the outside of the car I’m driving already looked like the one on my vision board. Allow yourself to daydream!"

Have gratitude

With manifestation, the small things count. Small signs that your desires may be coming into fruition should be celebrated and recognised. Vanessa says, "So often in life, we focus on what is lacking - but what this does is magnetise more of that into our lives. To move into a more abundant mindset, gratitude is the way forward. Start to get excited about those smaller moments of life again, being thankful for the things we normally take for granted. Spend a little time each night going over five things that you’re grateful for from that day. Maybe it’s a text you received, or a drink you enjoyed, five minutes of peace, a good day at work, or that belly laugh you had. When you move into this energy, notice how quickly your life begins to shift."

Misconceptions about manifesting

Many people believe that if you manifest something, the results should come straight away. However, this is definitely not the case. Contrary to what many gurus say, the universe doesn’t just deliver your order in a straight and simple way. Vanessa says, "I’ve learnt to listen to my inner voice which often provides me with ’downloads’ (what I call inspired ideas that suddenly feel very aligned to my vision board life), notice synchronicities (extraordinary coincidences), take action towards my dreams and experience how the universe guides me along the way. One thing to note with manifestation is, the how and when is out of our control, no matter how much-inspired action we take. Sometimes it feels like we’re being rejected, but this is in fact redirection. NO stands for next opportunity. Lean into trust and faith."

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