Fridge raider: Love Island’s Faye Winter shares her food secrets

Love Island 2021 finalist Faye Winter reveals what's in her and boyfriend Teddy Soare's cupboard.

Faye Winter in the Love Island beach hut

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Love Island 2021 finalist Faye Winter reveals what's in her and boyfriend Teddy Soare's cupboard.

How much do you spend per week?

Faye tells us, "Between 70-100 depending on mine and Teddy’s schedule. I don’t like spending any more than is necessary on my food shop."

Describe your daily diet...

I don’t tend eat until around 12pm because I’m too busy rushing around and putting on my extensions or fake eyelashes.

On the odd occasion I have breakfast, I’ll treat myself to an American- style pancake with Nutella. For lunch, in the winter I love Covent Garden butternut squash soup, or Heinz tomato soup.

For dinner, I can make a lovely salmon with honey, sweet chilli sauce, crushed cashew nuts on top, with a mango salsa on the side along with sweet potato topped with paprika. We’re suckers for a takeaway, and we like to have a pad Thai with satay sauce.

What do you snack on?

I love Ginger Nut biscuits and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Is there anything you refuse to eat?

I don’t like any type of pasta. Spaghetti Bolognese and carbonara are the worst meals I could think of.

faye winter fridge
inside faye's fridge MARCO VITTUR

Strangest thing you’ve eaten?

I’ve tried an oyster before – it was nasty!

What would you cook to impress?

Steak, roasted tomatoes, potatoes, and my own home-made peppercorn sauce. It’s nice and safe and most people like it. For dessert I’d serve warm, gooey cookies with ice cream.

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Love Island 2021 cast: their jobs before the show - slider

Kaz Kamwi1 of 12

Kaz Kamwi - fashion influencer

Before heading into the villa, Kaz was already an influencer (with 71k followers) and could have been earning up to 1,000 per post. So annually she could have been making 57,200.

Teddy Soares2 of 12

Teddy Soares - senior financial consultant

Teddy already had a pretty stable career before his time in the villa. He was a senior financial consultant in Manchester means he could have been earning around 42k a year.

Jake Cornish3 of 12

Jake Cornish - water engineer

OG Islander Jake was a water engineer in Weston-super-Mare before going into the villa which means he could have been making 38k a year.

Chloe Burrows4 of 12

Chloe Burrows - marketing executive in financial services

Chloe, the most iconic bombshell from Love Island 2021, was a marketing executive in financial services before going into the villa. She could have been earning 36,700 a year.

Abigail Rawlings5 of 12

Abigail Rawlings - tattoo artist

Abigail was a tattoo artist in Bournemouth before her stint on Love Island and she could have been earning 35k a year.

Tyler Cruickshank6 of 12

Tyler Cruickshank - estate agent

Bombshell Tyler was an estate agent in Croydon before going on the ITV show. Who knows whether he'll return to his job but he could have been earning around 29k a year.

Millie Court7 of 12

Millie Court - fashion buyer assistant

Millie is arguably the best dressed in the Love Island 2021 villa and that may be because of her job as a fashion buyer assistant for ASOS. At her old job in London, Millie could have been earning 26k a year.

Hugo Hammond8 of 12

Hugo Hammond - trainee PE teacher

Because Hugo only completed part of his teacher training, he wasn't actually a full-time PE teacher but nevertheless he could have still be earning 25,750 a year.

Faye Winter9 of 12

Faye Winter - lettings manager

Faye was a lettings manager in Devon and she could have been earning around 25k a year.

Liam Reardon10 of 12

Liam Reardon - bricklayer

As a bricklayer in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, Liam may have been earning 22,800 a year.

Toby Aromolaran11 of 12

Toby Aromolaran - semi professional footballer

Toby is a semi professional footballer, who plays for Hashtag United, and he could have been earning 18k.

Liberty Poole12 of 12

Liberty Poole - Nando's waitress and marketing student

As a waitress at Nando's Liberty could be earning around 18k a year.

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Nutritionist Juliette Kellow says: “Faye could do with more whole grains in her diet – these are linked to a healthier heart and better digestion.

“Good choices include porridge, whole grain bread, oatcakes, brown rice, wholemeal couscous and quinoa.

“Because Faye misses breakfast, it’s harder for her to meet her daily needs for fibre, vitamins and minerals. Toast with nut butter or cereal, fruit and milk are speedy choices.”

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