TOWIE’s Diags breaks silence following explosive Elma Pazar row

Diags snogged Elma even though he was dating Jodie

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After months of flirting and a few snogs (but never really taking the next step) TOWIE’s [Diags {href='/entertainment/tv-movies/towie-diags/' }) has finally put an end to his situationship with co-star Elma Pazar via a blazing row at the series finale party with everyone watching – cause TOWIE.

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Elma ITV

If you're playing catch up on series 32 (phwoar, you're in for a treat), allow us to fill you in (spoilers etc, etc); Diags and Elma's situationship came to a screeching halt this series when Diags introduced Jodie Wells to the group, confirming they were dating. Elma and Diags then 'accidentally' shared several drunken kisses together at a party round Amber Turner's house, which of course everyone in Essex witnessed (the carnage). Diags was then forced to tell Jodie the truth about the drunken smooches which resulted in a blazing row between Elma and Jodie, and then subsequently Elma and Diags at the series finale party.

Jodie Diags TOWIE
Jodie and Diags ITV/Lime Pictures

And that's where the series ended... so, naturally we're all left wondering, are Diags and Jodie still going strong? Or have Diags and Elma FINALLY made a go of things?

Jodie and Diags
Diags shared this snap of him and Jodie on the same day the explosive series finale aired. Instagram

Diags appears to have gone with door number one; at least if his Instagram is anything to go by. On the same day the explosive series finale aired, Diags shared a lovey dovey snap of him and Jodie on his Instagram story. Although, he didn't caption the post, we're assuming he wouldn't have done this if the pair had called it quits/he's been making a go of it with Elma in the weeks since filming ended.

Earlier this year, Diags was linked to former TOWIE extra Jodie and their romance was confirmed in October when a teaser trailer showed Diags turning up to an event with new beau Jodie right in front of Elma’s face. Awkward…

Elma and Diags kissing on TOWIE
Elma and Diags locked lips at Amber and Dan's housewarming party ITV Pictures

Speaking to his BFF Dan Edgar about his romance, Diags explains in the trailer, “The ship has sailed [with Elma]. It’s made me move on with other things.”

Dan then asks, “Am I losing you to Jodie already?” before the teaser cuts to a seen of Diags and Jodie snogging at the beach as Dan looks on.

Diags was pictured kissing Jodie on a night out earlier this year and it seems that's how their romance blossomed as the TOWIE star has commented on one of Jodie's Insta pics with a heart eyes emoji before they went on a cruise together.

Diags kissing Jodie Wells
Diags has moved on from Elma with new girlfriend Jodie Wells Instagram/@TOWIE

Despite being one of the show's longest running stars, Diags is better known for his friendships than his romances on the show.

What happened with Diags and Fran Parman?

Diags' split with Fran Parman came as quite the shock four years ago when he suddenly revealed he was single during an episode of TOWIE.

However, Fran later spoke out to reveal the reason for their break-up following an argument over a trip to Ibiza.

“We’d booked Ibiza and we’d just moved into a new flat and he was like, 'look, we can’t fully enjoy ourselves, we’re gonna have to go next year,' and I said, ‘fine, I totally understand that’ and then he just come in like, 'right, I’m going to Ibiza with the boys this weekend'.

“I said, 'it’s not about you going out with your mates. You don’t take me out. I’m just sitting indoors all the time and it’s not fair'. But he just couldn’t see that.

“So I was like, 'I’m going to go to Marbella with Georgia [Harrison]' and he didn’t like that. But I was just like, 'you know what, I’m doing it. I’ve got to be strong and I’m gonna do this'”, she told OK! magazine.

Following her return from Spain, Fran wanted to work on her relationship with Diags but he wasn’t interested in hearing her out.

“I thought, 'three and a half years is a long time, I want to work at this, I love this kid and I don’t want to break up with him'. He just said, 'yeah, we’re not working,' and I was like, ‘what?' and he was like, 'we don’t work anymore' and that was it. I had to pack my stuff and go."

Although they ended their relationship then and there, Fran later revealed she and Diags had continued sleeping together until 2019 when she returned to TOWIE. She later had a rather awkward reunion with her ex, who was clearly gobsmacked when he saw her.

“Ah man Diags looked so awkward when he saw Fran,” tweeted one viewer at the time, while another added, “Diags’ face when Fran walked over… the awkwardness!”

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TOWIE's Diags: who are his ex-girlfriends?

TOWIE Diags girlfriend Fran Parman1 of 8

Fran Parman

Diags' longest-running relationship was with Fran Parman who he dated for three years. Their romance was documented on TOWIE after she joined the show as his housemate. Fran first dated Diags' best mate Tom Pearce but things soon fizzled out between them, with the housemates then going on to take their relationship to the next level.Fran and Diags split in 2017 but when she returned to TOWIE last year, she revealed to pals Nicole Bass and Clelia Theodorou that they'd carried on sleeping together following the breakdown of their relationship up until 2019. The former couple later came face to face for the first time in a year in scenes which viewers branded "awkward" as Diags struggled to string a sentence together upon seeing his ex.

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Jodie Charles

Remember when Love Island legend Kady McDermott joined TOWIE alongside then-boyfriend Myles Barnett back in 2018? At the time, she tried to set Diags up with best pal Jodie Charles but her efforts at playing Cupid didn't exactly go to plan when he admitted there was "no chemistry" between them. Added to that, there was huge Essex DRAMZ between Kady and now-axed co-stars Chloe Green and Courtney Meadows when they commented, "the bigger the hoop, the bigger the whore." Ouch. Gatsby and Tommy Mallet later made Diags come clean to Jodie and confess he didn't want to see her again in a rather awkward phone call.

TOWIE Diags girlfriend Sophie Ernault3 of 8
CREDIT: Instagram

Sophie Ernault

Three years after splitting from Fran, Diags' fans thought he'd finally found The One when he went public with Sophie Ernault in August 2020.The pair had already been dating for six months after meeting while volunteering in Uganda for charity The Abode Project but kept their relationship under wraps until she posted a mirror selfie of them with the caption, "We have fun ud83eudd0d."Although everyone had high hopes for their romance, Diags and Sophie just weren't able to make things last and split months later.

TOWIE Diags girlfriend Demi Sims4 of 8

Demi Sims

Demi Sims found herself in an unexpected love triangle when TOWIE returned to our screens back in September as it came to light that she and Diags had shared a secret smooch on a night out, while Roman Hackett was also interested in her.While Demi didn't end up pursuing a romance with either party, Diags insisted he'll "always be close friends" with the youngest Sims sister.

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CREDIT: ITV Pictures


Demi wasn't Diags' only flame in the latest series of TOWIE as he also dated Amy after meeting her while speed dating. They went on a double date with Roman and Alex but things got a little bit awkward when Amy's secret history with Roman came to light.Things didn't work out for Diags and Amy but he did later admit that they'd also enjoyed dinner and drinks off camera.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Angel Bo Stanley

Absolutely Ascot star Angel Bo Stanley appeared in an episode of TOWIE alongside her friend Chloe Brockett as they attended Dan Edgar's Halloween party and it was here that she caught the eye of Diags. However, it doesn't seem like romance blossomed between them as she didn't return to the show for series 30.

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CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Elma Pazar

Former Love Islander Elma already knew Diags when she joined TOWIE, admitting that she would "marry him tomorrow" if she could. It was definitely a two way street, with Diags and Elma flirting up a storm for months in a will they?/won't they? that rivalled Friends' Ross and Rachel. But despite sharing a few snogs, their relationship never quite took off and Diags ended up calling things off for good.

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CREDIT: ITV/Lime Pictures


Despite, his never-ending situationship with Elma, Diags has been dating former TOWIE extra Jodie Wells from Somerset since the summer.

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