Peter Andre’s surgery fears for Princess

As Katie Price continues to rack up more surgical procedures, insiders say that her ex-husband is worried about the impact her decisions could have on their daughter, Princess

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She sparked fresh concern over her “terrifying” new face last week after going under the knife yet again in her desperate strive for perfection.

Self-confessed surgery addict Katie Price, 45, looked barely recognisable after her latest lip procedure – which she worryingly confessed made her “look like a puffer fish” – and having more bum filler, which she gruesomely shared had been “leaking” during a live podcast event in Manchester.

Just two days later, the former glamour model – also known as Jordan – was rushed to hospital after noticing blood oozing from her eye during a red-carpet appearance, which doctors diagnosed as a haemorrhage, likely sparked by stress.

And as her daughter Princess’ public profile continues to grow after she signed a mega-bucks modelling deal earlier this year, insiders say her dad and Katie’s ex, Peter Andre, 50, is worried about their daughter falling into the dark surgery spiral that’s damaged her mum’s looks.

Katie Price and daughter Princess
Katie Price and daughter Princess Getty Images

In a tell-all interview last week, Princess, 16, expressed her love for make-up and fashion, revealing that it was her mum who introduced her to the former when she was younger. While the topic of surgery wasn’t broached, the teen added, “I don’t always wear make-up, but when I do it’s just really enjoyable seeing what I can create.”

But a source says that Pete is anxious about the effect Katie’s surgery obsession could have on their teen, including in terms of body image and self-confidence.

The insider explains, “While Princess insists she won’t go under the knife like her mum, Pete’s very aware how quickly things could change as she gets older, especially now she’s entered the modelling world.

“She’s already mimicking some of her mum’s looks from her early years – wearing heavy make-up and that same sense of sassy style – and Pete lives in almost constant fear that Princess could follow her mum’s path.

peter andre
Peter Andre Getty Images

“Princess is a sensible girl but like all teens she’s impressionable and while Pete understands Katie is entitled to do what she likes with her body, he’s aware of the risk of some of it rubbing off on their daughter.”

Earlier this year, Pete – who also shares 18-year-old son Junior with Katie and two other children with pregnant wife Emily MacDonagh, 34 – told Closer, “I’ll always have concerns about Princess entering the modelling world because I’ve seen the good and the bad.”

After growing up in the spotlight and gathering her own social media following, Princess – who also said in her interview last week that she’ll “always respect what her parents say” – signed a four-figure modelling deal earlier this year and recently teamed up with fashion company Pretty Little Thing.

Peter Andre, Princess Andre, Junior Andre and Emily MacDonagh
Peter Andre, Princess Andre, Junior Andre and Emily MacDonagh Getty Images

The young influencer previously discussed surgery with her mum on an episode of Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion, saying, “It’s your body, your choice. I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery. But I think some people are so naturally pretty that they don’t actually need it. You were naturally pretty.”

And in a recent Instagram Q&A, Princess told her 677k followers that she wouldn’t have surgery, opting to stay natural.

Thrice-divorced mum-of-five Katie – who reportedly split from on/off fiancé Carl Woods, 34, yet again last week – has undergone countless surgeries since her first boob job aged 18.

Since then, the star – who’s admitted to suffering from “severe” body dysmorphia – has had another 15 boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, eye and lid lifts, a silhouette face lift, nose jobs, veneers and lip fillers, admitting that she’s “taken it too far”.

Katie Price
Katie Price Getty Images

Katie has confessed to never being happy with her looks, and has insisted that the legal age for young people to have surgery should be raised to 21.

Our source adds, “Pete’s strangely comforted by the fact Katie openly admits that despite the thousands she’s spent on surgery, she’s not satisfied, and hopes that Princess takes a lesson from that.

“While he knows he can’t control what Princess does later on down the line, right now he’s doing his utmost to instil her with confidence and body positivity in the hope it won’t lead her to desperate attempts for perfection.

“Pete is praying that Princess continues to thrive in her education as well as her modelling career, while maintaining her self-esteem and confidence.”

Closer 5th December
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