Love Island: All Stars – what happened to Georgia Steel’s conman ex who stole her money?

He put on an American accent and posed as a US Government agent


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Some of these Love Island girlies have truly been through the wringer and we are not exaggerating when we say they don't have the best luck when it comes to love.

Shaughna Philipps opened up about raising her daughter alongside baby daddy, Billy Webb, who is currently in prison for drug offences and All Stars contestant Georgia Steel has also been candid about her past romances.

Georgia, who found fame on Love Island 2018, previously spoke about being left '"too terrified to sleep and fearing for her life" after claiming to have had tens of thousands of pounds stolen from her bank accounts and worried her conman ex-boyfriend Medi Abalimba was to blame.

So, who is Medi and what happened?

Georgia steel
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What happened with Georgia Steel and Medi Abalimba?

It all came to light back in 2019 when the reality TV star noticed a "huge sum of money" missing from her accounts; and with her fraudster ex reportedly nowhere to be seen she revealed an "investigation" was under way to find the culprit.

Georgia, who was under the impression she was dating a wealthy American called Miguel until press contacted her, added that she had no idea about Medi's criminal past. She explained, "We went to the birthday party and he met all of my family and friends. I was introducing him as my boyfriend.

"My parents really believed he was this man who was looking after me. I'm 21 and a young girl to be living in a city on her own."

Love Island's Georgia Steel
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Revealing that she decided to confront Medi while he was in bed next to her, she said, "He told me he had to change his name when he got out of prison because he didn't want it to affect him.

"He told me he'd done bad things but that he really liked me and wanted to change. Because I'm a good person, if I see a broken person or a person upset, I really like to fix it.

"I thought I could fix him and accept his past and everything. But I didn't understand how bad his past was.

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"I had no idea of how capable he was, because I would never be with someone who could hurt people like that. The stories kept coming out and things kept getting worse," she told The Sun in 2019.

The following day, Georgia logged into her bank account to discover that 'tens of thousands of pounds' had gone missing.

"I went on my online banking and I noticed a drastic amount had just gone. I was in my flat and I've never been in a situation like that in my life.

"I was physically sick. I sat on my sofa and thought I was going to faint."

Where is Medi Abalimba now?

He was jailed for four years in 2021.

Is there a documentary about Medi Alibamba?

A true crime documentary about Medi Alibamba, which features his ex Georgia, was released on ITVX in 2023. In May 2024, Georgia revealed the documentary was being made available to stream on Netflix too.

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