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There are some brilliant bloggers and celebrities out there who love to remind us that we should love and accept ourselves. Whether it’s Maria Fowler discussing how much she loves her post-baby body, or this hilarious daddy blogger reminding us that no one really knows what they’re doing when it comes to being a parent, they’re the relatable voices that we need to hear. But one fitness star has gone viral thanks to an honest post to do with hair removal products, reminding us that we should embrace our natural beauty.

Morgan Mikenas is a bodybuilder and fitness influencer from the US who uses her Instagram as a platform to share her personal journey with over twenty-seven thousand followers. She often shares pictures of her gruelling training regime, inspiring quotes, and an enviable ability to get into the most difficult of yoga poses.

But her account is much more than fitness inspiration. She aims to encourage body positivity and acceptance, and if the popularity of a recent post is anything to go by she is definitely succeeding.

Morgan uploaded a video to YouTube explaining why she decided to completely stop shaving her body hair. Although she accepts that many women would be scared to completely ditch the razor, she explains that for her it’s more about self-confidence.

Growing up, Morgan reveals she dealt with people teasing her about her about her hair, and combined with how much time she was wasting removing it she decided that she just didn’t want to anymore. Instead, she made the decision to be completely natural and she hasn’t looked back.

She also shared a photograph of herself smiling with her legs in full view of the camera, and the image has been liked almost 3,000 times.

Morgan started her fitness journey two years ago, and while she understands that letting your natural hair roam free isn’t for everyone, the point she wants to drive home is that we need to be more loving towards ourselves and learn to accept who we are.

Once we’ve done that, she says, we can truly become the most confident, happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves.

What a beautiful message!

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