Danny Dyer reveals he WILL be working with Dani: ‘It could be a car crash’

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EastEnders legend Danny Dyer has revealed he will be working alongside his daughter Dani in the near future

Since winning Love Island with her partner Jack Fincham, we've been desperate for Dani to make an acting appearance alongside her dad, 41.

However, the close duo have something more exciting up their sleeve.

"Yeah [we will be] working together," Danny, who plays EastEnders legend Mick Carter, confirmed.

"We've had some mad stuff come at us, it could be brilliant or it could be a car crash," Danny joked at the TV Choice Awards on Monday.

"We want to do a film together too, not just selling our soul to the devil, we want to do something credible," he teased.

This comes after Dani, 22, admitted she was turned down by BBC bosses for a role on EastEnders.

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EastEnders Spoilers: Monday 17 - Friday 21 September

spoilers1 of 19

Zara and Halfway nervously wait for Stuart to wake up

The Carters anxiously wait for an update on Stuart and everyone is relieved when they learn the doctors are going to try and bring him round; now he can tell the police what really happened. Despite the update, Shirley remains adamant that Dylan is responsible and hatches a plan to prove it.

spoilers2 of 19

Halfway storms out of the hospital room

Later, as Stuart wakes, Halfway storms out of the room and admits to Whitney that even though he's glad Stuart's okay, he hates him for everything he's done.

spoilers3 of 19


Zara interrupts them, announcing Stuart wants to speak to Halfway.

spoilers4 of 19

A shock revelation!

As Halfway goes to see his brother, he is horrified when Stuart says it was Mick who shot him.

spoiler5 of 19

Kush has a run in with Sophie

Kush is furious that Sophie is still hanging around and tells her to leave.

spoilers6 of 19


Carmel overhears and is angry and insists it's time to move forward, especially after meeting Bruno and seeing his remorse. Tensions escalate and Kush gives Carmel an ultimatum. Carmel apologises for Kush and determined to help Sophie so they set off to the council together to find Sophie somewhere to live.

spoilers7 of 19


In a later episode, Thrown by Kush's behaviour, Carmel is more determined than ever to help Sophie, insisting she reads her letter to Bruno's lawyer to help reduce his sentence.

spoilers8 of 19

Kush breaks down

Later, Kush returns home and breaks down over everything that's happened.

spoilers9 of 19


Stacey has been receiving some mysterious text messages.

spoilers10 of 19


Stacey goes to the E20 to find out who's been anonymously texting her and is met by a blast from her past – Ruby.

spoiler11 of 19


Hayley and Kim head off to their antenatal class but decide against going and instead bond over their upcoming births. However, Hayley's good mood is short lived when she spots a blast from the past on the Square – her mum, Bev.

spoiler12 of 19


However, Hayley's good mood is short lived when she spots a blast from the past on the Square – her mum, Bev.

spoilers13 of 19

Back at the hospital

The Carters reel from Mick's arrest and question Stuart's side of the story. When Halfway receives a call from Zara saying Stuart is giving his full statement, everyone scrambles to help in any way they can.

spoilers14 of 19


It all soon becomes too much for Linda who storms to the hospital and accuses Stuart of lying but she is quickly ushered out by the police. Linda begs Zara to believe her but Zara deals a crushing blow to the Carters and corroborates Stuart's story.

spoilers15 of 19

More drama for the Slaters

Elsewhere, Hayley's mum Bev turns up at the Slater's to a less than warm welcome from Hayley and Kat, who quickly tell her to get lost. Hayley is furious when she learns it was Jean who was inadvertently behind Bev's arrival but when Jean hands her some flowers from Bev, she decides to hear what she has to say.

spoilers16 of 19


Later, Bev and Hayley head to the E20 where Bev reveals why she really came.

spoilers17 of 19


The pair argue and Bev storms off but as she gets into a cab, Hayley begs for her mum's help when worries she's losing the baby. Despite her daughter being in pain, Bev drives off.

spoilers18 of 19


On Friday, Hayley tries to hide what happened but Jean soon realises Hayley is not in a good way and insists she goes to A&E.

spoilers19 of 19


Stacey is determined to look her best for a big night out with Ruby, and when she can't afford a dress on Kush's stall, Martin surprises her later realising how much it means to her. At the E20, Stacey is distracted by Martin's constant calls, while a group of lads catch Ruby's eye

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Dani revealed she auditioned for a role but believes she was turned down because soap fans would have been unhappy with her appearance.

Dani spoke to the Daily Star Sunday about the ordeal: "They wouldn’t let me in it [EastEnders].

"They won’t let me, and are like, ‘it ain’t going to happen’.

“I think it’s because my dad is already on it so if I went on it there would be a massive outrage.”

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But the Love Island star hasn’t been short of options since leaving the villa.

Lose Women bosses are reportedly desperate to get her on board.

“Dani would be the perfect addition to the Loose Women line up, she’s feisty and isn’t afraid to speak her mind,” revealed a source.

She’s also due to make an appearance with daddy Dyer later this month on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice, alongside her Love Island boyfriend of three months, Jack, 26.

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