How to get rid of acne scars for good, according to an expert

Wave goodbye to those blemish marks

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If you’re someone who has battled dreaded acne or blemish breakouts, the first question you ask is 'how to get rid of acne scars?'

One moment your skin is looking its best and then comes a wave of unwanted spots which can sometimes leave a mark for months after.

Over the years beauty brands have launched various products and collections to minimise and prevent this from happening, from the best face serums to acne patches.

Here's everything you need to know about acne scarring and how it can be reduced or removed.

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What are acne scars?

“Acne scars are persistent marks left behind after a bout of severe acne. These scars form when the skin's natural healing process is disrupted, causing irregular collagen production in the affected area. The result? Unwanted scars that can make you feel less confident,” says Young LDN’s Senior Aesthetician, Roxanne Lanthier.

How are acne scars caused?

“Acne scars can occur when pimples, cysts, or nodules deeply inflame the skin. The inflammation triggers the body to repair itself, but sometimes it overcompensates, leading to an excess of collagen fibres in the scarred area. These imbalanced collagen formations create various types of acne scars.”

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What does an acne scar look like?

“Acne scars can manifest in various forms, from shallow red marks to deep depressions or raised keloids. They are generally persistent and don't fade away on their own, requiring specific interventions to minimise their appearance.”

Of course, when it comes to anything to do with skincare, it’s never straightforward as there are multiple types of scarring. Roxanne says, “Boxcar scars; resembling round or oval depressions with sharp edges, ice pick scars: narrow and deep with a pitted appearance, rolling scars; creating wave-like undulations on the skin's surface. Understanding the type of scar you have is crucial in selecting the appropriate treatment.”

What makes acne scars look worse?

Just like most skin irritations, you must be careful of surrounding factors that can make the appearance of acne scars look worse. “Sun exposure, picking or squeezing acne, smoking, and lack of proper skincare.” As well as this, keeping your skin constantly hydrated through drinking water will also help.

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Can you get rid of acne scars naturally?

“While there are some natural remedies like aloe vera and rosehip oil that may help lighten acne scars over time, they might not provide the significant improvement that many desire. For more profound results, professional treatments are often the best choice.”

Roxanne explains how using certain ingredients in your daily skincare care helps improve the appearance of scarring. She says: “Encouraging regular cellular turnover with AHAs/ BHAs and Vitamin A-based products, using Vitamin C serums, and keeping your skin moisturised can promote healthier skin and fade some superficial scars. Additionally incorporating Hyaluronic Acid into your regime can help plump the scarring, helping to reduce the appearance.”

Other methods of getting rid of acne scars:

“For more effective and noticeable results, professional treatments like the Bespoke Acne Facial and Microneedling at Young LDN offer advanced options. The Bespoke Acne Facial is tailored to your unique skin needs, combining cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and customised masks to target acne scars effectively. Microneedling, on the other hand, stimulates collagen production through tiny, painless needle pricks, helping to smooth out scars and rejuvenate the skin.”

So, whether you’re someone who often suffers from breakouts or acne, thankfully there are ways in which you can minimise their marks.

Whether you choose to remove them with the introduction of key ingredients into your daily skincare regime or treat yourself to a facial programme that will reduce the scarring and dark spots, it’s great to know that there are things you can do to remove them and have your skin looking back to its squeaky-clean self.

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