Festival Beauty Survival Guide

Festival Beauty Survival Guide

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Check out all the beauty essentials you'll need for a festival

If you've got a festival or two lined up this summer (lucky you!) you're going to need to pack some beauty essentials to get you through; what with late nights teamed with early mornings, lack of showers / all round general hygiene, and who could forget the wind, rain and mud. But it won't be all doom and gloom, along with the awesome music and 24 hour partying, we've got you sorted with the beauty essentials to keep you looking insane against all odds!

First things first; make sure you pack a mirror. Even a small pocket sized compact will do the job. There's nothing worse than knowing you look a bit worse for wear, stuck in the middle of a field, with no mirror - you can thank us later!

Now, take note and stock up on these festival beauty must have's...


Festival Beauty Survival Guide - SLIDER

Face Wipes1 of 22
CREDIT: Superdrug

Face wipes | B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes

These beauties will save you in more ways than one:A - taking off your make up in a flash. B - clean up any spillages. C - makeshift 'wash' of your body in desperate times. Although we advise you to bring a full packet, you'll definitely need it.

Lip Balm2 of 22
CREDIT: Beauty Bay

Lip Balm | EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm

Most people forget to pack a balm and go straight for the red lippy. Our advice - pack both. From being out in the open all day lips can become chapped easily, so a trusty moisturising balm is just what you need. It can also act as a glossy layer over your lipstick - win!

False Nails3 of 22

KISS Glam Fantasy Nails - Trampoline 28 nails

To save the ineviatble chipping of your festival-ready home mani, opt for a standout set of stick on nails. The hard work is already done for you, choose your fave design and get gluing! A worry off your mind - at least your nails will be perfection if nothing else! Make sure you take your nail glue just in case one falls off.

Waterproof Mascara4 of 22
CREDIT: Too Faced

Waterproof Mascara | Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

If you're festivaling here in the UK you need to be prepared for rain and of course, seeing your favourite artist may make you slightly emotional. Combat the panda eyes with a great waterproof mascara, and eyeliner if desired.

False Eyelashes5 of 22
CREDIT: Superdrug

False Eyelashes | Kiss Blooming False Lashes - Daisy

If you don't fancy wearing mascara (because you have to rub it and your eyelashes off at the end of the might) why not try false eyelashes? They'll add volume and length to your lashes and at the end of the day all you've got to do is peel them off.

BB Cream6 of 22
CREDIT: The Body Shop

BB Cream | All-In-One BB Cream

I'm sure you know all about the wonders of BB cream so you need this product in your life, especially when trying to pack light.

Dry Shampoo7 of 22
CREDIT: Batiste

Dry Shampoo | Cocoa & Cashmere 2 In 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

Another hero product. You can go all weekend long without washing your hair and avoid greasy locks with a spritz or two of dry shampoo. It absorbs all the unwanted oil that creates grease and can smell incredible - take this tropical one for instance. Go for a standard can, if like us you use A LOT of it, or grab the handy travel sized versions for an emergency hair pick-me-up.

Hand Sanitiser8 of 22

Hand Sanitiser | Aloe Vera Hand Gel

With so much mud and general dirt around at a festival taking a hand sanitiser is imperative. Kill off those germs and feel fresher and cleaner in an instant.Also think of those portaloos, they don't exact scream sanitary.

Hair Chalk9 of 22
CREDIT: Misspap

Hair Chalk | Comb in Half Chalk

Take somefestvial hair inspo from the celebs and channel your inner Kylie Jenner. Pastels are a big trend this year for hair, we love these easy spray in chalk colours. They're only 3 so won't break the bank and are fuss free. Simply brush out the colour once you're done being Kylie for the day and voila, normal life can resume.

Glitter10 of 22

Glitter | Fine Glitter Dust

It wouldn't be right not to include glitter in this round up. A pot, or three, are exactly what you need to get festival ready in no time. Apply anywhere and everywhere and make sure you shine like never before!

Deodorant11 of 22

Deodorant | Nivea

A daily essential that you can not forget! Lack of showers and emergency face wipe washes call for a heavy daily dose of deodorant. Choose a fresh scent that you love, as perfume probably isn't coming with you to the field. Plus a compressed can is a great space saver.

Mirror12 of 22
CREDIT: Superdrug

Mirror | Superdrug Compact Mirror

Trust us when we say taking a mirror to a festival is essential. Throughout the day (or night) you'll want to keep an eye on your makeup.

Eyebrow Pencil13 of 22
CREDIT: MAC Cosmetics

Eyebrow Pencil | Eye Brows Styler

At a festival it's either going to be raining or you're likely going to sweat so a waterproof eyebrow pencil is definitely ideal. This one from MAC has a spoolie brush too so you don't have to pack one.

Fake Tan14 of 22
CREDIT: Fake Bake

Fake Tan | Bronzer Instant Tan Lotion

Why not have a fake tan for a festival? We all want to look our best and this one from Fake Bake is instant, doesn't transfer onto your clothes, is suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

Red Lipstick15 of 22
CREDIT: Rimmel London

Lipstick | Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

One of our favourite red lipsticks is definitely this Rimmel London one. It's affordable, can last up to eight hours and it doesn't feel dry on your lips.

Highlighter16 of 22
CREDIT: Cult Beauty

Highlighter | Anastasia Beverly Hills

When you think of a festival makeup highlighter will most probably spring to mind and why not, ey? Even if you've gone for a basic makeup look for the day why not get those cheekbones popping ladies.

Suncream17 of 22
CREDIT: Superdrug

Suncream | Solait Clear & Protect Transparent Sun Spray SPF15

Whether you're in the UK or abroad you'll most likely be outside all day at a festival so make sure you take some suncream. Your skin stinging in the shower from sunburn is not the vibe you ever want.

Moisturiser18 of 22

Moisturiser | Olay Beauty Fluid Face And Body Moisturiser

Nobody likes dry skin so why not keep it hydrated with Olay's face and body moisturiser? It's available for all skin types, it's an ideal base for makeup and doesn't clog up your pores.

Body Spray19 of 22
CREDIT: Superdrug

Body Spray | Impulse Very Pink Body Spray

Perfume is great and all but a body spray is perfect for a festival; they're affordable and you can spray it all over yourself and your clothes without feeling guilty.

Beauty Blender20 of 22
CREDIT: Superdrug

Beauty Blender | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge

You can't go wrong with a beauty blender; it'll give you the perfect foundation base, you can sort out your concealer with it and if you ever feel that your highlighter looks a hot mess you can just blend it out.

Pressed Power21 of 22
CREDIT: Beauty Bay

Pressed Power | RMCA No-Colour Powder

There's nothing worse than when you're at an all day event and your makeup is moving all over the place, so why not invest in some pressed powder? This RMCA No-Colour Powder doesn't leave your makeup cakey and it doesn't alter the colour of your foundation.

Concealer22 of 22

Concealer | Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer with Quickie Blending Sponge

Whether it's a day festival or it's a weekend one you're going to need a concealer to hide those black bags from lack of sleep and all that alcohol. This full-coverage concealer is ideal for those Instagram pictures you're going to want to post and it's got a beauty blender too.

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