How to make your hair extensions look real

Here's your need-to-know for natural-looking hair extensions...

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From adding plenty of oomph and enough inches to rival the cast of TOWIE or a sky-high ponytail à la Ariana Grande, a well-placed hair extension or two can make all the difference.

Yep, long and luscious locks are no longer reserved for shampoo ads as hair extensions, from the synthetic to the swish-able, are widely available.

However, some important tips, tricks and know-how can make all the difference when trying to pass off your new weave as the real deal. Here is your mane masterclass for ensuring your hair extensions look great.

Choosing the right extension type

Human hair extensions applied in the salon are best for achieving a natural look as you can bet on a seamless application, they can last a few months at a time and can be styled with your own hair.

Hair extension methods now come in all shapes and sizes, including clip-ins, tapes and ultra bonds and it's important to speak to your hairdresser about your hair goals and what is realistic to achieve with your hair type and length.

Olia from The Extensionist in Battersea, London shares how they are a big fan of using Russian Mini Tapes in the salon for achieving natural-looking extensions.

She shares, "They have been designed with the perfect tape size, which is suitable for both fine and thick hair, meaning it will feel lightweight and natural and not pull on any of the customer's own hair. The hair extensions can also be removed and used over and over as long as the correct maintenance is followed."

Another option is Ultra Bonds, which is almost invisible in the hair, making it look as though it's your own hair. Orla shares, "Ultra Bonds are meticulously applied. The strands of hair used are so tiny that the bonds are almost invisible but still give the same full volume look - perfect for the natural look."

Choosing the right colour

If you're getting your hair extensions applied in the salon, your hairdresser can expertly create a bespoke colour to make your hair look as natural as possible. Colour matching should be done in natural daylight for best results.

If you're shopping online and using a photo, then use a photo without flash or filters as this can alter the true colour of your hair. It’s also worth keeping in mind that even if you don’t get an exact match, a close match will still look great and blend in nicely.

Get them cut in

It can seem counterintuitive to have your long hair extensions cut, but just a tiny bit of shaping along with the rest of your own hair can make all the difference when trying to make your extensions look natural.

If you're getting your extensions fitted by the pros, this will be an important end step to ensure a seamless blend.

If you're using clip-in hair extensions, make sure you visit a hairdresser to get them cut in with the rest of your hair before wearing them.

The only exception is the synthetic clip-in ponytail pieces will already be cut and styled.

Make sure you have enough hair extensions

A usual tell-tale sign that someone is wearing hair extensions is when their extensions aren't thick enough to blend with their natural hair. A professional will be able to advise exactly how many grams of hair you will need to achieve a flawless look. If you're shopping online, make sure you're buying enough hair to blend in naturally with your own.

Synthetic hair will always look a bit fake, so always opt for 100% human hair if you're looking for a more permanent solution.

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