Chloe Brockett is the spit of TOWIE enemy after blonde hair transformation

Chloe recently launched her own podcast following a TOWIE suspension

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We're fully aware that we're sounding our age (old) as we write this, but TOWIE's Chloe Brockett has been on a journey in 2023.

But you know what? Here at Closer online, we've enjoyed riding in the passenger seat; from spectacularly falling out with Amber Turner's 'girl band', to getting suspended from TOWIE during series 32 filming (aside from the alleged glass tumbler throwing obvs), to launching her own tell-all podcast, it's been a bumpy journey with twists and turns, but we wouldn't have her any other way.

Junaid Ahmed and Chloe Brockett
Chloe with good friend Junaid Ahmed Getty Images

And just when we thought this drama queen (and we mean that with the utmost respect) had decided to slow down for the last few weeks of 2023, she goes and transforms her iconic bouncy, brunette, regularly blow-dried locks into, well, something her TOWIE enemy Chloe Meadows might ask for at the salon – along with an oat milk latte, obvs.

Chloe Meadows
Chloe Meadows Getty Images

Taking to her Instagram story over the weekend, Chloe B shared a jaw-dropping snap of herself sporting a new shade of blonde – one that could easily allow her to sneak back into a 'girl band' lunch without anyone really noticing.

As gorgeous as Chloe B looks dolled up as one of Amber Turner's minions, we can confirm that a 'girl band' reboot is not on the cards, nor is a blonde Chloe B era – at least not yet.

The image has, in fact, been edited with one of those AI apps, and, yes, we hate the future, too.

chloe brockett instagram
Instagram/chloebrockett Instagram/chloebrockett

Chloe captioned her photo of lies, "Getting bored and wanna change my hair...imagine me blonde ," encouraging her followers to give her some suggestions.

Chloe is well known for switching up her hair styles and colours. Who remembers the Edna Mode bob? That one was real, FYI.

Chloe Brockett rocks Edna Mode bob

Shortly ahead of filming series 31, Chloe revealed her new haircut and she thinks she's rocking Edna Mode from The Incredibles style.

We are used to seeing Chloe with a big, bouncy blow dry, but in January 2023, the TOWIE star said goodbye to those full waves and hello to something MUCH shorter.

Keeping her hair dark, Chloe showed off a sleek bob and it was an absolute vibe; very chic, very Posh Spice.

Posting on her Instagram Story at the time, Chloe said that although she loves her new look, it does remind her of a certain fictional character.

After letting her followers know that filming had officially started, she followed the photo up with a post declaring she looks like Edna "No Capes!" Mode from The Incredibles.

"I love my hair.. but I do look like Edna".

Chloe Brockett's blonde hair

Chloe's hair has been yo-yoing between colours at a rate that is frankly making us feel a bit sea sick. Let's just get all this on paper – so to speak – because, honestly, even we're struggling to keep up.

Since Chloe joined TOWIE in 2019 for the show’s 24th series we’ve seen her switch up her look numerous times. She even traded in her signature brunette hair for blonde tresses during a trip to the salon back in October. Then, days after opting for a lighter look, Chloe quickly switched back to the dark side.

Sharing a photo of her new chocolate brown locks on her Instagram Stories last year, Chloe wrote, "The dark hair is back... off to @virgoboutiques."

chloe brockett hair
Chloe dyed her hair dark once again just days after going blonde Instagram/Chloe Brockett

So just imagine our faces when we stumbled across a blonder than blonde Chloe on her Instagram Story a few days later. The stunning image shows a completely blonde Chloe sporting long, wavy Blake Lively-esque locks. Honestly, though, we had to triple take while sipping our caramel macchiato on the tube this morning, because for a hot minute we thought we were looking at a snap of Chloe's TOWIE frenemy Ella Rae Wise on Chloe's Instagram Story (the utterly unthinkable, if you're up to date). The resemblance was downright uncanny.

However – and it's a big however – the image in question was actually heavily filtered. In fact, it had been run through an app to show Chloe (and her followers) what she would look like with luscious, long blonde hair. And, again, if you ask us, the answer is Ella with a dash of Amber Turner and Demi Sims.

We know, we feel lied to, too. Again.


Chloe added a poll and captioned her pic of lies, "Guys my friend thinks I'd look really good with blonde hair. How funny is this app What do you guys think?"

Chloe Brockett gets the "chop"

The reality TV star opted for a shorter style at the end of September 2022 after braving the "chop", and dying her hair a lighter brown with blonde highlights. She unveiled the look on Instagram with a chic mirror selfie, which she captioned, "Went for the chop @officialyoucanhaveitall."

Her followers flooded the comments section with compliments including Gogglebox star Lisa Baggs, who wrote, "Wow you look amazing Chloe ."

TOWIE legend Harry Derbidge - who recently shared some cross words with Chloe after clashing with her bestie Amber Turner - commented, "Looks lovely xxx," while Liam 'Gatsby' Blackwell simply left a heart eyes emoji. Ever the charmer, isn't he?

chloe brockett blonde hair
Chloe switched up her brunette locks in favour of a new blonde 'do Instagram/Chloe Brockett

However, while her Instagram followers thought she looked amazing, Chloe quickly admitted that her new look was "too blonde" for her.

Just a day later, Chloe took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she'd chosen to dye her hair a warmer brown with lighter ends.

She wrote, "Even though I'm ill... the blonde was just a little bit too blonde for me (I did ask for it blonde... I'm a hairdresser's worst nightmare) so I've gone darker with a lighter end and I LOVE it."

chloe brockett hair transformation
The reality star decided to change her look once gain after less than 24 hours Instagram/Chloe Brockett

Chloe Brockett's hair with no extensions

In May last year, Chloe took to her Instagram Story to reveal her shorter natural hair without extensions.

She included the caption, "no extensions", revealing that this is the true length of her hair.

@chloebrockett's Instagram story
@chloebrockett's Instagram story

Chloe Brockett's dark hair and block fringe

In December 2021 that the reality star shared some gorgeous shots of herself sporting a darker than usual 'do and a block fringe.

In fact, we think she looked just like her mum Clare, who also joined the hit reality show in 2019.

Chloe Brockett hair transformation
Instagram/Chloe Brockett

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